I Hate Instant Coffee, but This Innovative Melt-to-Make Brew Is Shockingly Delicious

It’s the first flash frozen coffee.

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Cometeer Coffee
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I've always hated instant coffee. No matter how many times I tried it, it tasted the same: bland, watery, and—more often than not—slightly burnt. Then Cometeer offered to send me a sample of the first melt-to-make instant coffee, and I'm, quite honestly, impressed.

Cometeer uses liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze coffee at minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit immediately after it's brewed to preserve as much of the flavor as possible. The production might be high tech, but preparing it at home is simple. For hot coffee, add the frozen puck to your mug along with 6 to 8 ounces of hot water and stir. For cold coffee, fill a glass with 6 to 8 ounces of water, pour the melted coffee in and stir—you could either leave the capsule in the fridge overnight or thaw it under hot water, which is exactly what I did. The entire process takes less time than brewing in a machine, but tastes as fresh as just-ground brews.

Working with top-tier coffee roasters, including Counter Culture Coffee and Joe Coffee, each Cometeer pod is packed with a surprising amount of flavor. The brand is made without preservatives, but still manages to have an 18-month shelf life (in your freezer, of course!). It also prioritizes sustainability; Cometeer reduces unnecessary food waste with zero grounds in its capsules, and spent grounds are sent to a local composting facility.

Cometeer Coffee Review
Courtesy of Cometeer

To buy: Cometeer Coffee Box,$44 for new customers at cometeer.com

My partner and I are huge fans of bold, dark coffee. He prefers to drink his black, while I add a teaspoon (or two) of brown sugar. Together, we spent the weekend testing each of the four flavors in Cometeer's Medium/Dark Box. It came with four brands—Bird Rock, Birch, Go Get Em Tiger, and Equator—and a total of 32 pods.

Overall, I was surprised at how convenient Cometeer coffee was. I was expecting more of a process or mess to produce a single cup of coffee, but it was ready in about two minutes, the time it takes for my water to boil. And the flavor? It was unlike any other instant coffee I've had in my life—the flavor was bold and the brew wasn't too watery. It actually tasted better than the drip coffee I usually make.

I had two favorites: the Go Get Em Tiger Homeschool blend, a dark roast with notes of dark chocolate and candied cherry, and the Birch Morning Blend, a medium roast with notes of caramel, cola, baker's chocolate, and tart malic acidity, although the other two flavors were equally delicious.

But, don't just take my word for it. The brand has over 2,000 five-star reviews, with one shopper saying they normally take cream and sugar in their coffee, but love the flavor of Cometeer so much they drink it black. Another shopper said, "I generally don't write reviews, but have to say that this far exceeded my expectations. Got the mixed box and even thought the decaf was amazing! Worth the hype and the dollars!"

Typically $64 for a pack of four coffees, new customers get $20 off right now. Try it now for just $1.38 per cup of coffee—a lot cheaper than your daily Starbucks.

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