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 Amazon Shoppers Found a Space-Saving Hack to Organize Coffee Pods-and It's Only $27

It’ll reduce your countertop clutter.
By Nina Huang
May 21, 2021
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Having a coffee machine that uses pods is like having a mini coffee shop at your disposal. An endless roulette of flavors and roasts, Keurig's K-Cups and Nespresso's capsules allow you to sample and taste different coffees without the need for buying a whole bulky bag of beans. Keeping them organized isn't as simple, though: Their unique shapes can be difficult to store without a spacious drawer, storage tower, or, at the very least, an extra cookie jar where you can toss them all in like jelly beans.

Thankfully, Amazon shoppers have pointed us in the direction of a space-saving way to organize K-Cups without the need for counter space. With Coffee Keepers' Under-Cabinet Coffee Pod Holder, coffee drinkers can store K-Cups simply by hanging them under kitchen cabinets. It doesn't require any screws, making it a rental-friendly organizer with its peel-and-stick design.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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Reviewers have given it a 4.3-star rating from more than 1,700 votes on Amazon, where it's available for $27. Coffee Keepers also makes a holder specifically to fit Nespresso's capsules, which are sized differently than K-Cups, but it's currently out of stock. So, those who have Nespresso machines can grab this similar organizer instead.

To stick the K-Cup organizer into place, wipe your cabinet panel clean and then press it against your cabinet for 30 seconds. It holds 24 pods in total, and although shoppers say its adhesive is sturdy enough, you can also screw it onto the cabinet for extra security.

One shopper called this holder "very helpful," adding, "I am constantly looking for products that will cut the countertop clutter. I was able to free up valuable countertop space by installing this K-cup holder… I added the provided screws because this holder will be used multiple times a day."

Another shopper noted that it's important to install the organizer with the pull-down side facing you before sticking in on. "Make sure it's turned to pull forward before installation," they said, since it can be difficult to remove it once it's affixed to your cabinets. Regardless, the shopper wrote that it "helps keep the countertop clear of clutter."

Next time you're picking up a refill of your K-Cups, grab Coffee Keepers' organizer too. Shop them all at Amazon now.