This Insulated French Press Keeps Coffee Hot for Longer, and Thousands of Amazon Shoppers Love It

They’re recommending it to “anyone who likes smooth coffee”
By Laura Fisher
November 23, 2020
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There is nothing worse than brewing a steaming hot pot of coffee, only to have it get cold before you’ve even finished your first cup. Sure, you could brew your cups one-by-one using a pourover, but who has time for that? For lovers of the French press brewing method, there is a coffee solution that Amazon reviewers can’t stop raving about: the Insulated Coffee Gator French Press

The stainless steel brewer keeps coffee hotter than a standard glass French press does and for an hour longer due to a double-layer vacuum interior, made from lightweight, military-grade hardware. With one of these, you’ll be able to keep a pot of joe warm without having to resort to the microwave (and we all know that zapped coffee just doesn’t taste quite as fresh). 

As incredible as the warming technology may be, the Coffee Gator isn’t just built for heat. The innovative design also features a stainless steel double filtration, which means no more of that sludge-like sediment lingering around the bottom of your final few cups, and all the flavor of your favorite beans will be retained to the final sip. 

As one reviewer notes, “I had gotten used to having some grounds in my coffee, and didn't mind it, but gosh, it's nice to just drink coffee without stuff in it.” 

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: $36;

The clincher? The Coffee Gator even comes with a glass and stainless steel travel container with enough room for two brews-worth of beans, so you can take your coffee on the road, on a camping trip, to a socially-distanced park hangout, or wherever else life takes you. The durable build of the Coffee Gator means it’s meant for travel, and there aren’t any pesky plastic bits or pieces to break off or crack during transport.  

As one happy customer notes, “I could throw this against the wall and the only thing that would break is my wall.” Overall, reviewers say they “couldn’t be happier” and “would definitely recommend this one to anyone who likes smooth coffee from a good- looking press.” Shop the insulated French press for $36 on Amazon.