chefwave nut milk machine

Love Plant-Based Milks? This Device Makes Them in Minutes

And no, you won’t have to soak any nuts.
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You've probably seen an array of plant-based milks as you walk down the aisles at the grocery store. From nut milk to oat milk to coconut milk, the options continue to grow and grow. And if you make your own, you know how long the process can take, what with grinding ingredients and soaking them overnight. But the Chefwave Milkmade Vegan Milk Maker basically removes time from the equation—there's no soaking involved whatsoever.

The device comes with six preset plant-based milk-making programs, all powered by the push of a button: almond, cashew, oat, soy, macadamia, coconut. The grinder inside the machine guarantees a smooth pour with no chunks in sight. Its steam technology helps preserve the natural flavors of your ingredients to provide the best taste possible. And because there's no prep work involved, the device cuts the milk-making process down to just 20 minutes. 

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Plus, you get a good amount of milk out of every use, as 1 tablespoon of nuts or oats produces 20 ounces. In even better news, the device automatically cleans itself after each use. All you have to do is pour your milk into the included pitcher and place it in the fridge. 

It's a convenient and customizable way of making your favorite plant-based milks, and customers agree. "I really like that it is self-cleaning! It works very well and you can also make rice milk using the soy setting," one wrote. 

Another noted that they're ready to ditch their old ways once and for all. "I've made nut milk before and I have several nut milk bags stored away, but I might have to retire them after trying the Milkmade," they shared. 

To get your own plant-based milk-making device, head over to Amazon and purchase the ChefWave Milkmade Vegan Milk Maker today.