Amazon Shoppers Say This Vegetable Chopper Can Slice a Full Onion in 'Literally Seconds,' and It's Only $16

It has thousands of five-star ratings and reviews.

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It goes without saying that chopping is one of the more tedious culinary tasks there is. Cooking enthusiasts know this to be particularly true when dealing with tricky pieces of produce like onions. If chopping and slicing aren't your forte—or you're tired of teary eyes getting in the way of your prep—Amazon shoppers have found the perfect gadget for you: the Chef'n VeggiChop Chopper.

This vegetable chopper may seem small, but thousands of reviewers say it's just as strong as it is adorable. Its convenient little 5.5-inch by 5.5-inch frame is able to tackle full, large produce with ease, allowing you to chop everything from fruits and vegetables to boneless meats and nuts, all in a fraction of the time it takes using a knife.

The secret lies in its sharp three-blade design, which is hand-powered and spins at a high speed to slice through your produce. The chop size and fineness depend on how many times you run it through the blades. All you need to do is simply place the ingredients inside, twist the lid to lock in, and pull the cord—which vaguely resembles a lawnmower—to initiate the chopping. And the best part is, it costs under $20.

Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper
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To buy: Chef'n VeggiChop Chopper, $16 (originally $20)

In their reviews, Amazon shoppers were blown away by the speediness of the Chef'n VeggiChop Chopper. "This magic little gizmo does exactly what the product info says it will do," one reviewer shared. "It is fast, easy, safe and super easy to clean up. Dice a whole onion in literally seven seconds... I've diced onions of all sorts, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, celery, firm tomatoes, olives, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and even bread for bread crumbs." They also added that it's a great gadget for anyone who is prone to nicks and cuts when handling a blade.

For some, the chopper makes executing recipes that involve a lot of chopped combined ingredients extremely easy. "To be truthful, I didn't expect much from this little chopper," one review began. "I was pleasantly surprised. I chopped leftover Thanksgiving turkey for delicious turkey salad. Handled it like a champ. Same with ham. It dices pickles, onions, and celery without issue." Another added, "It's great for making up small batches of salsa, chopping up eggs for egg salad, and various other things. It's my go-to when I'm wanting to really fine chop an onion for a dish. No more tears."

It even won over a longtime electric chopper user. The Amazon reviewer wrote, "Over the past five years I've used an electric mini chopper (too much work to clean, had to be near a plug), and this has been hands down the best."

Speed and strength aside, it's also a favorite for its no-mess construction, counter-friendly size, and manual design, which also makes it extremely portable. Plus, it doubles as a storage container when you're done. "A few pulls on the handle and you can chop your veggies as you like," a reviewer vouched. "No electricity, no big mess. All kept right in this little container."

Shop the Chef'n VeggiChop Chopper for just $16 on Amazon.

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