This $6 Tool Is the Secret to Quickly Removing Pesky Corn Silk

Plus, it’s great for cleaning potatoes, carrots, and more.

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Chef'n Silkster Corn Vegetable Brush
Photo: Amazon

Few things in life are sweeter than juicy in-season corn. But there's one tool that might actually make summer's golden child even better: a $6 gadget that removes the wispy, irksome corn silk clinging to your kernels.

The Corn Silkster from kitchen utensil powerhouse Chef'n has one job—brushing away stubborn strands that get stuck on your freshly shucked corn—and hundreds of five-star Amazon reviewers confirm it does it with excellence. In fact, some users say it's the easiest, fastest technique they've tried.

Chef'n Silkster Corn Vegetable Brush, Removes Silk
Courtesy of Amazon

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Pulling on corn silk at the top of your ears can actually assist with removing the tough husk. Simply grab the tassel topper along with the green leaves, then pull down and away from the ear. But for the stragglers that remain, whip out the Silkster. Made with flexible bristles, the brush easily reaches narrow nooks and crannies between kernels to lift out the fibers. And its palm-sized body is easy to hold as you work your way around the cob.

"Saves time and does a much better job than me picking at the silk with my fingers," one reviewer wrote, while others praise how the brush doesn't harm the kernels.

"This little gadget is great for getting the silk out of the corn without damaging the corn itself," said a shopper. "We really only need something like that during that one time of year, so I would keep this brush in my canning supplies to be put away for the next year, except that the brush works well for other vegetables as well. I use it on potatoes, carrots—pretty much any vegetable or fruit that has crevices I want to get clean without damaging the food."

In fact, the Chef'n tool is currently one of Amazon's best-selling fruit and vegetable-cleaning brushes. You can even use it to sweep dirt off delicate mushrooms.

Ready to make your summer corn shine in salads, soups, ice cream, and more? Head to Amazon to stock up on this budget-friendly brush.

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