Amazon Shoppers Love This Innovative Condiment Fork That Makes Grabbing Pickles and Olives a Breeze

And It’s only $7.

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Condiment fork
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If you love snacking on pickles and olives but hate sticking your hand in the jar or dirtying a fork or spoon every time you have a craving, we may have found the perfect kitchen gadget to add to your collection. The Chef'n FridgeFork Condiment Fork has racked up over 3,700 five-star ratings from shoppers who are calling it a "game-changer."

The innovative utensil is designed to easily fit into jars to help you pull out condiments with ease. It features three sharp stainless steel prongs that can grab everything from pickles to peppers with no mess. Shoppers say the rubber handle is comfortable in their hands, and the fork itself is very durable.

The handy kitchen tool also comes with two rubber rings to fit both small and large jars and a corresponding caddy that attaches to the rim of the jar, so you never have to search for the pickle fork in a messy utensil drawer. Even better, the rubber holder also acts as a catch-all preventing any unwanted drips from occurring on your countertops or refrigerator shelves.

fork for condiments
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To buy: Chef'n FridgeFork Condiment Fork, $7;

"A must-have for pickle lovers," wrote one shopper. "I used to use my hands to eat the pickles, which I heard the natural oils or germs in your hands make it go bad sooner. I didn't feel like wasting forks either for my constant snacking. I love this thing! It's stretchy and wraps around most pickle jars. The fork is perfect for grabbing a pickle and snacking on it. The bottom of the fork dish, where the fork rests, is strong so the fork's skewers don't break through it. Ingenious product!"

Another customer said it was "one of the best things I have ever purchased," before adding, "10/10 would buy again, and will definitely buy as a gift for pickle/olive lovers. I love how it comes with two jar sizes. It is so handy, especially in a post-covid world, where sanitary issues have come to light. No longer do I have to dirty a fork or hope my finger is not too dirty to fish a pickle out of a jar. This has already come in handy so often, I find I eat more pickles now!"

Perhaps best of all, the cute kitchen essential is super affordable too and will only set you back $7. Shop one for yourself before you get snacking.

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