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The $8 Meat Temperature Cheat Sheet Everyone Should Have on Their Fridge

“By using the temperature chart, I can cook steaks perfectly without overcooking them.”
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Although charring burgers on the outdoor grill is certainly the epitome of summertime feasting, figuring out when that slab of meat is done always proves to be a difficult conundrum. Pulling it off too early could result in bloody steaks, while waiting too long will ultimately create an inedible piece of leather.

Rather than constantly second-guessing yourself—or religiously punching questions into Google—consider adding a handy meat temperature magnet to the base of the grill. Thanks to this cheat sheet, along with a meat thermometer, you'll never have to guess when a piece of meat or fish is cooked to your liking. Instead, you can simply stick a meat thermometer into it and see if it matches the serving temperature recommendation.

The magnet is divided up into a number of categories, including beef, lamb, venison steaks, chops, and roasts; pork and veal steaks, chops, roasts, and fresh hams; fish; chicken and turkey; ground meats, burgers, meatloaf, and sausages; pre-cooked hams, hot dogs, and sausages; pork ribs, pork shoulders, and beef briskets; and casseroles and leftovers. Each section is accompanied by a temperature range for blue through well done, along with cooking and serving recommendations. For instance, to prepare a medium-well steak, you'll learn that the meat will continue cooking for 10 to 20 minutes after removing it from the heat source.

Meat Temperature Magnet Best Internal Temp Guide
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Hundreds of Amazon shoppers rely on this meat temperature magnet, and many maintain that "every cook should have this on their fridge." Other reviewers call it a "great reference" and a "kitchen must-have," and many mention that their cooking has improved since adding the magnet to their kitchens.

"After graduating to using an instant read thermometer in my grilling, the quality of the finished product has gone up greatly," one five-star reviewer says. "Not only is the meat, chicken, and pork more flavorful and moist, I know it is cooked to safe temperatures. I was always searching for my paper meat temps chart or trying to do it from memory. I now keep the magnet on the fridge where I can see it easily."

"Have you ever grilled steaks only to burn the outside and have it 'undone' inside?" another shopper asks. "I grill steaks with the BBQ cover on so that the interior of the meat cooks faster. By using the temperature chart and a digital meat thermometer, I can cook steaks perfectly without overcooking them."

With this reference, you'll never over- or undercook a piece of meat again. Shop the Cave Tools Meat Temperature Magnet for $8 on Amazon.