This Meat Smoking Cheat Sheet Transforms Novices Into Pitmasters—and It's Just $10 on Amazon

“If you have a smoker, you need one of these.”

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Anyone who's just getting started smoking their own meat likely has a lot of questions, like what kind of wood to buy and the appropriate smoking temperature for ribs versus chicken. Rather than have your hands glued to your phone or the computer typing out all these questions, there's one easy way to have access to all of the information you need in one spot: a meat smoking guide.

The Cave Tools Meat Smoking Guide on Amazon is a handy magnet that you can slap on the base of the smoker, easily within view. The cheat sheet is full of useful information, like smoking temperatures for different kinds of meat and suggestions on how to prepare each type, including pork butts, shoulders, and tenderloins, ribs, beef brisket, chicken, turkey, and fish. For instance, it comes with tips on how to prevent pork tenderloin from drying it out (wrap it in a bacon weave), while noting that chicken should be finished off on high heat to generate the crispiest skin.

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Along with cooking instructions, the cheat sheet provides a list of the 20 most popular wood varieties for smokers, ranging from pellets and chips to chunks and logs. Each wood type includes a guide to the flavor strength and profile, plus what type of meat goes well with each. For example, sweet applewood pairs well with pork and ribs, while oak is a sure winner for beef.

Amazon shoppers can't stop raving about how their meat smoking has improved thanks to this cheat sheet, which has earned over 4,000 perfect ratings. Reviewers say they've made "better tasting smoked meat" since receiving the cheat sheet and call it a "great reference for every smoker." Shoppers say over and over again that "if you have a smoker, you need one of these."

"My husband loves smoking meat out on the grill but is still very new at it," a five-star reviewer writes. "He always sticks to tried and true methods, which are great but getting repetitive. I got him this meat smoking guide to help him out a little. It lets him know what works best together; what wood types, flavor strength, and flavor profiles work best with each protein. I will say his smoking abilities have become much better since this little magnet came into his life!"

"Great tool for beginners to experts," another shopper says. "If you have the wood on hand and random meats in the fridge or freezer, this will be great for you. I used apple chips for pork shoulder and my family said it was cooked perfectly and [wanted] more. They all like it so much, they wish I would open a restaurant or a catering business."

Level up your smoked meat by shopping the Cave Tools Meat Smoking Guide for just $10 on Amazon.

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