I Make Eggs for Breakfast Every Day, and Caraway's New Mini Pan Is the Best I've Tried

Plus, it comes in the cutest colors. 

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Caraway Mini Fry Pan
Photo: Courtesy of Caraway

I'm picky and a creature of habit, so that means some of my meals tend to get a little…repetitive. One that has always been the same is breakfast. A good eggs and toast situation is what'll satisfy me, especially on long days when I need to commute into the office. But with my egg obsession has come a whole new set of frustrations, like having to clean a pan with stuck-on, stubborn bits when I'm in a rush.

I'm extremely happy to report, however, that breakfasts are now a stress-free part of my morning, all thanks to the newest launch from Caraway — the mini fry pan. In fact, after receiving it from the brand, it's become my go-to pan for cooking eggs every morning.

Caraway Mini Fry Pan
Courtesy of Caraway

To buy: Caraway Mini Fry Pan, $85 at carawayhome.com

Caraway is known for its toxin-free take on essential nonstick cookware that's both sleek and easy to use in the oven and on any stovetop. The brand even made it into our top picks for the best non-toxic cookware for this year.

This pan is small, measuring roughly 8 inches in diameter, and lightweight, weighing just over 1.5 pounds. I can perfectly cook up eggs with no issues, since it's the perfect size to keep a scramble or omelet thick and fluffy, but large enough to fry up two eggs over-easy.

My favorite part is just how nonstick it is thanks to its unique coating, which is free from toxic materials such as PTFE, PFOA, heavy metals, and other PFAs. I don't use any oil in the pan when I scramble my eggs, and they move around with no problems.

And, for the situations where you might want a little oil to crisp up the edges of the egg, like a sunny side up version, you just need a touch, since food heats up evenly in the pans' ceramic material. The nonstick feature also makes it a complete breeze to clean — just a few wipes arounds with a sponge, and I'm good to go. No scrubbing, ever.

You can snap this pan up in the cutest colors, like sage (which is the one I have), navy, cream, marigold, or paracotta. Use it on the stovetop, or you can pop the pan in the oven up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. They come with a smooth gray interior and a sleek silver stainless steel handle, unless you opt for the brand's classics collection, which has a gold handle and the exterior comes in white or black.

Caraway launched this smaller pan for $85 along with a mini sauce pot for $105 (you can snap up both in a set for $175). Though this is pricey for a pan, its nonstick ease could definitely be worth the investment, depending on your budget. I don't think you necessarily need the pot, but if you make things that commonly stick in pans (like eggs), this coating and pan size is valuable. And if you care for it according to the brand's instructions, it should last you years to come.

Don't wait any longer. For the easiest scrub-free mornings, snap up the Caraway mini fry pan now. Your eggs will surely thank you.

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