This $10 Brush Is the Safest and Easiest Way to Hand-Wash Precious Stemware

Whiskey and bourbon aficionados say it’s a must-have.

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CairnCleaner Whiskey Tasting Glass Brush
Photo: Amazon

Once you've found your ideal glass for whiskey, cocktails, champagne, and wine, try not to break it. Delicate glassware like this is prone to shattering when it's hand-washed, either by a slip of the hand or by an accidental nudge against the sink. That's when something like the CairnCleaner Whiskey Tasting Glass Brush comes in handy, according to Amazon shoppers.

Although it's called a "whiskey tasting glass brush," CairnCleaner's tool is absolutely useful for all delicate barware, like wine glasses, champagne flutes, margarita glasses, and cocktail coupes. Its pointed brush head will reach hard-to-clean areas (like the bottom of long Collins glasses) and keep your fingers out of fragile stemware. Its soft bristles will clean nooks and crannies in intricately designed art deco-style whiskey glasses, and the loop allows you to hang the brush up when it's done its duty.

CairnCleaner Whiskey Tasting Glass Brush
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: CairnCleaner Glass Brush, $10 at

Whiskey aficionados with precious collections of Baccarat crystal and Glencairn whiskey glasses say CairnCleaner's brush is the best for fine wares. "This brush is absolutely perfect in every way," said a shopper in their Amazon review. "Great design and durability. Lightweight, yet sturdy and well made. The sizing couldn't be better for all sizes of my stemware from the tiny apéritifs to the large water goblets. The material of the brush is strong yet very soft and delicate. I no longer worry about potential surface scratches to my treasured collection."

Another shopper even said the brush sped up the process of hand-washing glasses. "I bought this primarily to hand wash special types of bourbon and scotch glasses," wrote the reviewer, who continued, "I have also used the brush to hand wash cups, mugs, wine glasses, and a lightly soiled plate. The brush has done a great cleaning job each time. The brush is very good at reaching hard to reach areas such as the point at which a side connects to the bottom of a glass or mug. In my opinion, the brush makes the hand washing faster because of the ease with which I can get to the hard to reach places."

Bourbon lovers say it's an essential, too. "I had been looking for something like this for a while to clean my GlenCairn glassware," wrote a reviewer. "Prior to getting this, I was using my fingers or a rolled up paper towel. Not a very convenient way to clean glasses. This works perfectly to get the entire bulb of the glass, especially to the bottom where residue can collect after drinking. To all my fellow bourbon aficionados out there, this is a must-have."

No need to worry about smashing precious glasses or risking cuts the next time you're cleaning fine stemware with CairnCleaner's brush. Shop one on Amazon for $10 or a three-pack for $23 below.

CairnCleaner Whiskey Tasting Glass Brush
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: CairnCleaner Glass Brush 3-Pack, $23 at

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