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Make 'Barista-Perfect Foam in Seconds' with This Milk Frother from Amazon

The powerful little frother has 3,900 five-star ratings
By Ariel Scotti
May 17, 2021
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Grabbing a hot, foamy latte from your favorite local shop is a great way to start the day. Avoiding the line in said coffee shop, skipping the $6 price tag, and feeling the satisfaction of making it yourself (from the comfort of your own kitchen) is even better. But a sky-high mountain of milk froth on top of an aromatic cup of coffee may seem intimidating to replicate. That's where the Cafe Casa Electric Milk Frother comes in, a little tool that's helped Amazon shoppers achieve "barista-perfect foam in seconds."

The handheld milk frother is a sturdy yet lightweight (11-ounce) kitchen gadget that's easy to grip and hold in one hand. It's made of stainless steel and has two different speed settings for all of the varying tasks it can handle, like whipping heavy cream for desserts, producing milk froth for lattes, matcha, or cappuccinos, or making whipped cream for hot chocolate. Plus, it's battery-powered, meaning you can pop two AA batteries into it and make yourself a gourmet coffee without being tethered to a wall. The Cafe Casa Electric Milk Frother is also currently on sale-a whole 5%-but otherwise reasonably priced at $19 for a kitchen tool that 3,900 Amazon shoppers have rated five stars. One even calls it "easily the best frother I have ever used."

To buy: Electric Milk Frother, $19 (originally $20) at

"It works perfectly, is lightweight, easy to hold and handle, cordless and powered by batteries, takes up no counter space, and will be perfect for travel," another shopper writes. "And finally, it's very inexpensive. I'm more than satisfied with this purchase."

Over 1,300 more shoppers have left a five-star review of the milk frother, with many noting how much they like the "professional looking high quality mixer," its weight, power, and the sturdy grip they're able to have on it while making their beverage of choice. "Best one out there!" this shopper's review reads. "I found the others to feel flimsy, almost toyish in the hand, not to mention fragile. This one has the weight to stand up on its own and looks great doing it. The multi-speed motor is a major plus, and also has plenty of power, even on low."

There are also many butter coffee drinkers in the reviews who mention that the frother is the only tool able to help them properly blend and emulsify oil into coffee, since blenders are too powerful or dangerous to use with extremely hot coffee. "This is the best!" one reviewer writes. "For all you Bulletproof coffee fans out there, no more need to use a blender for [only] one or two cups, and to be able to quickly make whipped cream is a plus."

To get your own home foam on, shop Cafe Casa's electric milk frother on Amazon.