brutek travel coffee press
Credit: Amazon

Enjoy Fresh Cold Brew Anytime, Anywhere With This Portable Coffee Press

It makes hot coffee and tea, too.
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If you're like me, summer calls for a cold brew in hand at all times. Ok, maybe not all times, but at least twice a day. These days, one morning coffee just doesn't cut it, and I'm ready for a refill by lunchtime. I know what you're thinking: It's an expensive habit.

That's why I'm calling in some reinforcements.

I've enlisted the help of the BruTrek Ovrlndr Travel Coffee French Press, a completely portable cold brew maker that's designed for use everywhere, from long car rides to days at the beach. This drinkable cold brew maker has already helped me save money on coffee, and (bonus!) even helps cut down on my single-use plastic and straw usage.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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Fresh coffee on-the-go isn't the easiest thing to pack, but thanks to the spill-proof, locking lid, toting coffee is as easy as packing your lunch or an extra water bottle for the day. Start by adding fresh ground coffee and water to the chamber (like you would with any French press), then cover and close the lid. For cold brew, I like to prep my grounds and water a night in advance, then let them hang out in the refrigerator overnight. When I'm ready to head out, I press the plunger and I'm out the door. The result is a fresh, ice cold brew that's drinkable straight from the press.

The vacuum-insulated, double-walled container helps keep the coffee chilled, and the screen keeps my fresh-tasting, newly-pressed coffee free of any rogue grounds. The lid is completely spill-proof and heat retentive if hot coffee or tea is more your style. Lastly, the removable bottom allows me to easily dump and clean the entire thing when I'm finished. 

With all the money I've saved, I doubt I'll be going back to visit my old barista anytime soon. If you're looking to adopt a more sustainable coffee habit as I did, pick one up before summer's in full swing.