Shoppers Say This Wireless Patio Light 'Brightens the Whole Backyard'—and It's Just $25

It takes seconds to install.

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Nighttime is arguably the best time to be outside during the summer. After the sun disappears and temperatures begin to drop, we can finally enjoy our patios, porches, and backyards without melting into puddles of sweat. There's just one issue: the darkness.

Sure, moonlight or candles can be romantic, but if you want to actually see after sunset, Target shoppers have found a patio light to extend their outdoor hangouts this season. The Brilliant Evolution Patio Umbrella Light is not only easy to install and use but also provides a bright glow for up to 75 hours. Best of all, it costs just $25.

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The wireless patio light literally takes seconds to install. It's built with a clamp that automatically adjusts to poles up 1.625 inches in diameter without using any special tools. And if you're worried that won't fit your umbrella, know that most models only measure 1.5 inches in diameter.

Turning it on and off is just as easy. Controlled by a wireless remote, the battery-powered light's brightness can easily be adjusted, and you can set an automatic shutoff timer from up to 50 feet away. There's also a power button on the device, in case the remote goes missing.

While the Brilliant Evolution light is only 6.81 inches wide, owners say they're "actually surprised" by how bright its powerful LED bulbs are. Many write that its full-strength shine is strong enough to read by, while others compliment the device's dimmer for mood lighting.

"It was so easy to set up and use," one wrote. "It brightens the whole backyard without wasting electricity."

Another added, "I love that it has a remote so you can dim/brighten from pretty far away. I had the kids sitting at the table and was able to brighten it for them to see. I love the dim feature for when we are out as adults having dinner and you want to create an ambiance."

Ready to spend even more time in your outdoor living room? Grab this patio light for just $25 at Target, and you'll see a major difference in enjoying summer nights.

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