Shoppers Say These Under-Cabinet Lights Are the 'Most Inexpensive Way' to Brighten Up the Kitchen

Create this designer-level look for a whole lot less.

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Brilliant Evolution LED Lights 3 Pack with Remote

Whether you're renting an apartment, are steadily perfecting your forever home, or making some improvements on a starter property, there's one thing that's always a surprisingly costly investment: Lighting. Sure, you expect marble countertops and a bespoke wine cellar to cost you a pretty penny, but lighting often comes with an alarmingly robust price tag, too. But more than 22,600 Amazon shoppers found an ingenious hack for getting a luxe lighting look underneath their upper cabinets for far less.

The Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Lights will run you $18 at Amazon right now, thanks to a clickable coupon, for a pack of three, which is a steal in the grand scheme of home improvement. These LED lights are thin at only 1.25 inches thick, so they're not discernible to guests or detail-oriented homeowners. The lighting kit includes mounting tape and screws for installation, which the brand says takes less than a minute. The lights also come with a wireless remote that's operational from up to 15-feet away, plus they can be dimmed or set to automatically turn off or on with a single tap.

Brilliant Evolution LED Lights 3 Pack with Remote
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Lights, $18 with coupon (originally $20) at

Dozens of shoppers shared how much money these LED lights saved them when compared to hiring a lighting specialist to install custom fixtures in their kitchens. One reviewer shared that the puck lights were "the most inexpensive way to have lighting underneath your cabinets," and added that they look "amazing." The shopper also noted that it would have cost them "around $1,000" to have lights installed and wired by an electrician instead, and wrote that these were a "huge money saver and look just as good."

They went on to explain that the remote is extremely convenient and the double-sided tape is holding steady. Some other reviewers noted that the battery life is shorter than they'd like (the brand says they'll last for 100 hours when running at full brightness), but that's nothing three AA rechargeable batteries can't solve. Another reviewer added that the light these LEDs create is "a softer, more traditional light bulb color" instead of the sharper feel typical of LED lights, and that it produces "a more comfortable and relaxing lighting atmosphere."

Light up your kitchen for less by ordering the Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Lights on Amazon, and don't forget to add the coupon for a discount while it's still available.

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