These new balsamic and champagne vinegars are raising the bar.

By Antara Sinha
August 07, 2020
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Brightland Balsamic and Champagne Vinegars on a colorful tablecloth
Credit: Brightland

Vinegars, humble kitchen essentials, are easy to get lost in the shuffle of restocking pantry staples. It’s far too easy to impulse-purchase a pricey bottle, let it collect dust at the back of your cabinet for years, and not use them to their full potential. But Brightland’s new vinegars (a significant upgrade from the years-old bottles you’ve opened once and are likely holding onto) will put them at the forefront of your mind, and in your cooking with their bright, flavorful, fruit-forward notes.  

We’ve raved about Brightland’s products before. Their high-quality, expertly sourced California olive oil was one of our favorites in a taste test, and their vinegars deliver the same quality, depth, and nuance. Both vinegars in the duo—Rapture, a deep balsamic vinegar made from blackberries and zinfandel grapes, and Parasol, a light, zingy champagne vinegar made with oranges and chardonnay grapes—are tasty, versatile, and help stellar produce shine without overpowering. I’m not a routine vinegar user in my day-to-day cooking, but I know these bottles will have me turning to them regularly. 

Rapture, Brightland’s balsamic vinegar, has bold, vibrant berry flavors that would be especially tasty when showcasing peak-summer tomatoes or in a marinade for grilled chicken. Parasol, a champagne vinegar, is mildly citrusy and brightens up funky cocktails or shrubs (it’s my favorite for dressing salads). Both vinegars are a delight whipped up into vinaigrettes on summer salads, dressing poultry or fish, drizzled over cheese, or as a finishing touch on fresh or roasted greens and veggies. 

Also, a major aesthetic bonus: The packaging is beautiful. Sleek, artful, and minimal, the bottles don’t feel out of place showcased on your kitchen counter or shelves. You’ll be looking for excuses to reach for this set.  

brightland vinegars
Credit: Brightland

Brightland’s Rapture and Parasol Vinegar Set, $22 for one or $44 for the set at