Our Favorite Olive Oil’s New Garlic Edition Is a Must-Have

Act fast, garlic lovers—this special batch is a limited release.
By Megan Soll
February 10, 2021
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Since its beginnings in 2018, Brightland has produced a few styles of American-made olive oil that have become darlings of home cooks and chefs alike. Last year the brand introduced its own line of balsamic vinegar and champagne vinegar that pair perfectly with its core offerings. Brightland's latest trick? A special batch of 100% garlic olive oil.

The brand's standard styles include two staples: the bright and fresh Awake and the heartier Alive, as well as lemon, basil, and chili olive oils. Rosette fits right in with the group, blended with garlic and heirloom Frantoio olives from a family-owned farm in California. The olives harvested in fall 2020 have an ultra-high polyphenol count (600+ mg/kg versus usual 100 mg/kg) making the oil packed with antioxidants. Unlike Brightland's other flavored oils, this limited release will only be available while supply lasts.

Credit: Brightland

To buy: $40 at brightland.co

We tried out Brightland's Rosette at home and found the flavor to be both luxurious and smooth. The garlic complements dishes without overwhelming the recipe. Rosette's flavors will meld perfectly in classic pasta recipes, mashed or smashed potatoes, and, of course, focaccia and classic crusty bread for dipping. If you're a garlic lover, you should make a move now to order it.

Rosette's label is also special in itself. Brightland collaborated with local California artist Lilian Martinez on the bottle design. Martinez, the founder of art shop BFGF, has a collection of artwork transferred to throw pillows, blankets, and other home goods. Brightland previously partnered with artists on an olive oil capsule collection last year as well, including three flavor-infused bottles: Ardor (chili), Arise (basil), and Lucid (lemon). 

Left: Credit: Brightland
Right: Credit: Brightland

The 375 ml. Rosette bottle looks pretty perched on the countertop, close at hand for your cooking needs, and complete with a UV-coated exterior to protect it from damaging sunlight. Gift the classic collection (Awake and Alive) and their larger capsules for Valentine's Day along with Rosette with complimentary shipping for orders over $65. The best meals start with the best ingredients.

Credit: Courtesy of Brightland

To buy: Awake and Arise, $65 for subscription, $74 for single purchase at brightland.co

Credit: Brightland

To buy: Parasol and Rapture, $44 at brightland.co

Credit: Brightland

To buy: Lucid, Ardor, and Arise, $115 at brightland.co

Credit: Brightland

To buy: Awake, Alive, Parasol, and Rapture, $112 at brightland.co