Turn your kitchen into your coffee shop.

By Maya Gandara
March 18, 2020
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There’s nothing like the smell of a well-brewed cup of coffee to bring you out of your sleepy trance and into the light of the day. If you normally rely on the brewing magic your favorite coffee shop provides but find yourself making coffee at home these days, there are many coffee accessories out there that’ll make your very own barista-worthy cup in your kitchen—and one of them costs less than what you spend at the café in a week. 

Bodum Coffee Maker
Credit: Amazon

The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker, one of Amazon’s best-selling coffee makers, looks chic enough to belong in your local coffee joint, yet it can secure a spot on your countertop for as little as $15. The maker eliminates the need for paper filters thanks to its permanent stainless steel mesh filter, which releases essential oils from coffee grinds to create a tasty slow-brew full of flavor. And since it’s made from borosilicate glass, the coffee maker can withstand high-level temperatures and many trips through the dishwasher.

To use the Bodum coffee maker, fill the mesh filter with one scoop of your favorite ground beans and follow up with the recommended amount of hot water. For the best results, let the coffee brew for at least four minutes before removing the filter and serving. Choose between a cork band or silicone band to grip the carafe and prevent your hands from burning while pouring the coffee out. Both are available in 17-ounce and 34-ounce sizes (depending on your coffee consumption levels). 

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: $15-20; amazon.com 

It’s earned over a thousand five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers who call it an “awesome alternative to Chemex.” Others are enthusiastic about the affordable price tag.

“For the price of this coffee maker, and comparing it to other pour over makers I’ve seen at big grocery stores, this is one of the best prices for the size,” said one reviewer. “Overall I’m super happy with the purchase and enjoy this maker as it is functional and very aesthetically pleasing, since I plan on just leaving it on my counter.” 

If you’re unable to make it to your local coffee shop right now, become your own barista for just $15. A good cup of joe awaits you.