Shoppers Call This the 'Best Pan for Grilling Meat'—and It's Under $40 on Amazon

Get grill-quality results without relying on charcoal. 

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blue diamond pan
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With warm weather officially here, home cooks everywhere are tugging the covers off their outdoor grills, ready to sear everything from burgers and brats to caramelized pineapple and huge slabs of steak. While grilling is certainly synonymous with the summer months, not everyone has access to a patio or backyard to fit a grill. But no matter: These days, it's easy to replicate the smoky, charred goodies from the outdoors with an indoor grill pan.

One that Amazon shoppers can't stop raving about is the Blue Diamond Ceramic Nonstick Grill Pan, which has earned an Amazon's Choice stamp of approval. With this pan, home cooks are able to grill year round thanks to high ridges on the surface that produce those elusive grill marks. The metal utensil-safe pan is designed with a diamond-infused ceramic nonstick coating that's said to last ten times longer than other nonstick coatings, according to Blue Diamond. Plus, the diamonds in the coating are four times more conductive than copper, per the brand, enhancing the pan's ability to heat up faster.

The raised grill ridges not only produce grill marks but also lock in flavor while allowing grease to pool away from what you're cooking. There are two riveted handles on either side to allow for easy transport from the stove to the oven or broiler (up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit). Most importantly, the grill pan and included glass lid are free of toxins like PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium.

Blue Diamond Cookware Grill Genie Ceramic Nonstick Grill Pan
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To buy: Blue Diamond Ceramic Nonstick Grill Pan, $38 at

More than 1,500 Amazon shoppers have given the grill pan a five-star rating, with reviewers noting that it's "cheaper than charcoal" and the "best pan for grilling meat without an actual outdoor grill." Others love that unlike a charcoal grill, it "cleans in a snap."

"This works great to deliver a grilled flavor when you don't want to fire up the entire charcoal grill for a small meal," one person wrote. "This is easier and faster than waiting for the coals to reach the right temperature. This also is perfect in the winter when you can't really get to the BBQ. The lid helps trap the flavor and the high ridges give it both the flavor and look of an outdoor BBQ."

"This is my go-to pan," another shared. "I love how it cooks meats evenly and the meat comes out tender and lovely tasting. It's great for grilling meats [and] also great for making sauces and gravies that get added after the meat has browned. I love this pan and I highly recommend it."

Get the quality of an outdoor grill indoors by shopping the Blue Diamond Ceramic Nonstick Grill Pan for just $38 at Amazon.

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