Shoppers Say This Now-$40 Deep Nonstick Skillet Is the 'Most Versatile Pan' They've Ever Owned

Use it on the stove before putting it in the oven or broiler.

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Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 5QT Saute Pan
Photo: Amazon

The best recipes are ones that require a single piece of cookware. We're talking one-pot meals that not only taste good—but also make cleanup a breeze. While one-pan meals hit the spot and simplify the process, you can't use just any ol' skillet. So if you're on the hunt for the perfect vessel, tons of Amazon shoppers are obsessed with the Blue Diamond Cookware Nonstick Skillet that's just $40 right now.

No matter what you're making for dinner, the Blue Diamond skillet can cook it to perfection. It has a large, 5-quart capacity for one-skillet meals and thanks to its high sides, it's an ideal choice for foods that release lots of liquid, like steak or chicken. Shoppers even use it to make hamburgers, pasta with tomato sauce, stir fry, fish, eggs, and more.

Blue Diamond Nonstick Skillet
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Blue Diamond Cookware Nonstick Skillet, $40 (originally $45) at

Unlike other nonstick pans, this one is made with diamond-infused ceramic that's smooth, easy to clean, and chemical-free. And thanks to the skillet's nonstick coating, you truly don't need to cook with oil or butter—unless you want the flavor.

Because this pan is made from aluminum, it heats up quickly and evenly. Tip: This comes in handy when handling steak or fish! And because cooking with just one pan is the goal, you'll love that it can be used on the stove before popping it into the oven or broiler up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plus, the skillet has an "indestructible" construction made to last years on end. In fact, the brand says you can mash or combine ingredients directly in the pan with metal gadgets (like a hand mixer) without scratching the surface. Impressive.

The Blue Diamond skillet has earned more than 1,200 five-star ratings from shoppers who said it's their "go-to pan for everything." Others have shared that "nothing sticks to it" and that "food slides out with ease."

"This is the most versatile pan I've ever owned," wrote one Amazon reviewer who confirmed it is easy to clean and large enough to cook "one-pan meals from start to finish." Another fan of the Blue Diamond brand said, "I'm slowly but surely replacing all my pots and pans" with the brand and called the skillet their "new favorite pan."

Upgrade your nonstick pan with the popular Blue Diamond skillet while it's just $40 on Amazon.

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