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Home Cooks Say This $35 Toaster Oven Is 'Better Than a Conventional Oven'

The first English muffin out of this oven was a gastronomical delight.”
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If you're working out of a small kitchen, a simple two-slice toaster certainly does the trick. But if you're lucky enough to have tons of counter space, there's no reason not to level up with a multi-functional toaster oven, which has so many more bells and whistles. For those who aren't looking to spend a ton on an appliance, consider the highly rated Black + Decker Toaster Oven, which is currently 31% off on Amazon.

The toaster oven is large enough to hold up to four slices of bread at a time—or an entire 9-inch pizza. You won't have to worry about uneven toasting thanks to the brand's EvenToast technology, which was specifically designed to uniformly brown everything inside. Complete with four functions, including bake, broil, toast, and keep warm, the toaster can climb to temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The countertop oven is fitted with a 30-minute timer for longer baking tasks, along with a precise toast timer that allows you to select browning shades. Plus, it comes with a baking and broiler pan that can easily slip into the body of the toaster to avoid big messes, though you can easily remove the bottom tray to dispose of any fallen crumbs when you're all done.     

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Amazon shoppers can't say enough good things about this popular toaster oven, which has earned over 11,000 five-star ratings. Reviewers call it the "unsung hero of the home kitchen," with one shopper noting it's "better than a conventional oven."

"I forgot what a good toaster oven could do," one five-star reviewer says. "The first English muffin out of this oven was a gastronomical delight. It was toasted perfectly with crunchy bites, beautiful color, and evenly spaced heat."

"My son bought this for me for my birthday and I love it," another shopper shares. "I can put something in it like a piece of chicken or salmon, bake it for 10 minutes, switch it to broil, and it's perfect. Makes it so easy. I was cooking dinner one night for my niece and she saw how easy it was, so now she has one. A lot of features for the money. And the Totino's pizzas fit right in."

If you're looking to upgrade your old toaster, shop the Black + Decker Toaster Oven for just $35 on Amazon.