This Best-Selling $37 Steam Cleaner with Over 17,500 Five-Star Ratings Makes Kitchens Look 'Brand-New'

“I’ve been using this all over the house and I can’t believe how well it works.”

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Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner with Natural Sanitization
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From grease buildup to sticky residues to cooked-on food, some of the worst messes happen in the kitchen. But rather than spend hours scrubbing the floors, countertops, and appliances, Amazon shoppers have found a smarter way to clean. Hundreds use the $37 Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaner specifically in their kitchens to make them look brand new.

The Bissell steam cleaner heats up in seconds to blast away dirt and particles with the push of a button. With 100 watts of power, it delivers continuous high-pressure steam strong enough to loosen gloopy substances left on countertops or grime on around sink fixtures. And because it only uses water, the Bissell is a great option for those inclined to non-chemical cleaning. All you have to do is wipe away the mess with a cloth and you're done. Bonus: The cleaner produces steam so hot, it can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs on hard surfaces, which can be helpful after handling raw meat or seafood.

BISSELL SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner with Natural Sanitization
Courtesy of Amazon

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With the help of three tool attachments that easily go on the front nozzle, you can tackle even the toughest messes on multiple kitchen surfaces. The flat scraper tool chisels off baked-on food in the oven while the angler concentrator lets you clean hard-to-reach spots with precision, like your hood vent or cabinets.

And if you have trouble with your backsplash, just look at the grout tool that has a narrow row of bristles designed to clean stained grout on the walls and floors in minutes. You'll also love that it comes with three color-coded brushes, making it easy to scrub greasy cabinets or dirty sinks without cross contamination. However, you can also use the Bissell Steam Shot strictly as a sanitizer without any attachments to clean upholstered dining chairs or kitchen rugs.

The Amazon best-seller is so popular, it has earned more than 17,600 five-star ratings so far by people who call it a must-have and said it "works like a charm."

"I've been using this all over the house, and I can't believe how well it works," wrote one shopper. They used it to clean sticky residue on the floor, grease in hard-to-reach stove spots, and "icky" corners under cabinets. Another who said it's "worth every penny" also wrote, "I am amazed at how this thing cleans grease off of appliances and kitchen cabinets. My kitchen looks brand-new."

Remove the stubborn messes in your kitchen easily with the Bissell Steam Shot steam cleaner that's just $37 on Amazon.

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