The Best Sharpening Stones to Hone All Your Dull Knives

A quality sharpening stone can help your cutlery last longer and work more efficiently.
By Adria Greenhauff
September 29, 2020
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Knives are the unsung heroes of our kitchens. Whether you're slicing, dicing, chopping, or julienning, every flawlessly chopped vegetable, juicy steak, or slice of dessert can be served to perfection with the help of an effective knife.

Any home cook will tell you, good knives don’t come cheap, and even the highest quality options can lose their luster over time—especially when put through the extra wear and tear that comes with dishwashers and harsh detergents. That’s why many people protect their investments with a sharpening stone, which can help keep your knives working to perfection even years later.

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Selecting the right sharpening stone can be a challenge, though. There are hundreds of different stones to choose from and many considerations. Before you purchase one, think about factors like coarseness or grit size, stone material (oil, diamond, natural, ceramic, synthetic), and the appropriate size for your sharpening needs.

Whether you’re just starting your search for the perfect sharpening stone or you’re an experienced knife sharpener, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the amount of variation in sharpening stone options. Don’t worry: We’ve scrounged expert opinions and customer reviews to give you the very best sharpening stones for all of your cooking needs.

In our search for the best sharpening stones of 2020, these are the 10 that made the cut. 

Read on to learn more about these highly-rated sharpening stones and why they’re a must-have addition to your arsenal of cooking tools. 

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For the price-point, the quality, and obvious advantage of having two sharpening stones for the price of one, Sharp Pebble’s Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone is the solution for beginners who are unsure where to start. This double-sided waterstone comes with both a medium and fine side along with a sharpening guide and a non-slip bamboo base to ensure ease of use. One reviewer wrote, “I had bad experiences with ‘cheap sharpeners,’ having found two of them were almost useless. This is not the case; the price of this stone is low but you get a lot for your money.”

To buy: $40 (originally $60);

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Diamonds are your knives’ best friend when it comes to the LK-World double-sided sharpening stone. This stone is durable and functional, giving you major bang for your buck. One side is designed to remove nicks and imperfections while the other helps hone your blade so you can have a flawless chop, slice, and dice every time. Reviewers love the price point, with one extremely satisfied customer even stating: “If you’re looking for your first knife sharpener, this is it. It will be the only one you will ever need. Period.” 

To buy: $26;

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This is the sharpening stone for experienced cooks who understand that a great knife requires patience and effort to get the perfect point. The Spyderco BenchStone Sharpening Stone is a synthetic sharpening stone that does not require oil or water to be operated. Measuring eight inches long and two inches wide, this is a great sharpening tool for your arsenal of kitchen cutlery blades. “Perfect for kitchen knives, no mess, easy to clean; I don’t have enough good things to say about this quality product,” one reviewer reports. 

To buy: $49;

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You will never buy a sharpening stone again once you have this unique, all-natural, durable option by Masuta. This sharpening stone was quarried from a now-closed water mine near South Tsushima Island, Japan, and boasts a high-grit, which only adds to its durability. Reviewers comment that "this stone is perfect for all chefs, from amateur home cooks to experienced professionals." 

To buy: from $99;

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Enjoy whipping up meals over a campfire? Consider Dan’s Whetstone Company Inc.’s Genuine Arkansas Pocket Knife Sharpening Stone, made from a unique Arkansas stone known for its hardness. For chefs who enjoy camping or hunting or are looking for a cheap yet high-quality sharpening stone to use on the go, this small, versatile sharpening stone quickly puts an edge on dull knives. One reviewer even realized that they “didn’t know what a sharp knife was until I used this.” 

To buy: $11

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For under $30, the Fallkniven CC4 Ceramic Whetstone Sharpener is a unique and dynamic sharpening stone made from whetstone grit and synthetic sapphires. It’s waterless and oilless with users touting its weight and functionality. With a leather pouch included, glowing reviews, and multiple grit sizes (medium to ultra-fine) to choose from, this two-in-one sharpening stone is a no-brainer.

To buy: $23;

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If you find yourself needing multiple high-quality sharpening stones, Zwilling J.A. Henckel’s six-piece water stone sharpening set has you covered, providing three stones of grit for one cost. From chopping vegetables to carving tough meat, your knives will be ready for all your slicing and dicing activities with this sharpening set. Compatible with most knife types, this set comes with a bamboo stand and a cleaning stone for your sharpening stones, making it perfect for a pro chef or seasoned home cook. One reviewer wrote, “If you are going to invest in quality cutlery, you should also invest in the right tools to maintain them. This kit has it all.” 

To buy: $300 (originally $375);

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Without breaking the bank, you can have three sharpening stones and accessories to maintain and store them. Thanks to Wüsthof's Tri-Stone Sharpener and wooden sharpening stone holding tray, you will always know where your stones are. Give your knives the TLC they need with the coarse, medium, and ultra-fine sharpening stones, and never try to cut your tomatoes with a dull blade again. Its compactness is something that has left customers raving. One reviewer said, "Not too big; small for those who don't have lots of counter space, so perfect for my home." 

To buy: $50 (originally $65);

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Stop waiting for your stones to soak before you can use them. Sharpal’s Dual-Grit Diamond Knife Sharpener lets you sharpen your knives without any of the mess or hassle and achieve the same results. The durable design means this diamond sharpener can withstand years of sharpening. New to diamond sharpeners or sharpeners altogether? Don’t worry: This sharpener comes with a comprehensive sharpening and angle guide. 

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The best sharpening stone is a clean one. Certified by the American Bladesmith Society,  Zwilling J.A. Henckels Bob Kramer’s Single Grit Whetstone is guaranteed to keep your sharpening stone clean so you can keep your knives in pristine shape. One reviewer summed it up, saying,  “It keeps gunk from accumulating on my stones. Makes for better quality and faster work when I am sharpening. Works on all stones. Lasts a long time. Good investment.” 

To buy: $27 (originally $31);