Best Pizza Cutters

The Best Pizza Cutters, According to Chefs

Slice through the thickest and crunchiest crusts without dragging a single ounce of cheese or topping off the tray.
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When it comes to slicing a pizza, nothing compares to the pizza cutter. Seriously. Not even the sharpest blade in your knife block will get the job done quite like one of those round, sharp wheels.

So what's the big difference between a pizza cutter and a similarly sharp, pointy knife? The right pizza cutter allows you to slice through the thickest and crunchiest crusts without dragging a single ounce of cheese or topping off the tray.  

It's also worth noting you can use a pizza cutter for a whole lot more than, well, slicing pizza. Think carving up raw dough or homemade pasta, sectioning off quesadillas, and even precision-cutting fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

But of all the pizza cutters on the market —from rounded blades to rocking knives to even high-tech scissors—here are the ones chefs keep in their kitchens.

Best All-Around Pizza Cutter: The Dexter Outdoors 4" Pizza Cutter

Best Value Pizza Cutter: OXO SteeL Pizza Wheel and Cutter

Read on for the best chef-approved pizza cutters on the market.

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Best Pizza Cutters
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Best All-Around: The Dexter Outdoors 4" Pizza Cutter

When we asked three pizza-obsessed chefs what their favorite pizza cutter is, they all gave the same answer: Dexter-Russell. The duo behind Miami sensation Old Greg's Pizza, Greg Tetzner and Jackie Richie, prefer a traditional Dexter-Russell four-inch pizza wheel with a sturdy handle.

"If you've ever owned a pizza cutter, you know how quickly it can get very dull, very fast," they said. "It effortlessly slices through even the thickest, cheesiest crust. It isn't built using pizza rocket science—it simply has one feature that helps save time and money: Replaceable blades! It can also be exclusively used to prevent cross contamination for those with allergies or dietary restrictions."

They're not the only ones: Chef David Murphy of Shuggie's Trash Pie and Natural Wine in San Francisco uses the same one.

"Go get the old faithful of pizza wheels... the Dexter 4"," he said. "What I like about it is the wheel spins freely without getting gunked up … and it's easy to clean. The cutting wheels are replaceable, and it glides as it should. It does the job you need it to, and the colors are cute — I like the bright green or red versions."

Buy it: $29, 

Best Pizza Cutters
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Best Pro Cutter: Dexter Outdoors 18030 23/4" Pizza Cutter

If you're looking to step it up a notch, Michele Rubini, head pizzaiolo at the Los Angeles outpost of the legendary L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which originally opened in Naples, Italy, in 1870, defaults to a Dexter-Russell pizza cutter, too. He uses the fully stainless-steel version, though.

"I've always owned a Dexter-Russel because it is just a perfect tool," Rubini said. "It is reliable, easy to disassemble, and easy to clean. The cutting wheel remains sharp for months and the ergonomic aluminum handle fits like a glove."

Buy it: $27,

Oxo Steel Pizza Cutter best pizza cutters

Best Value: OXO SteeL Pizza Wheel and Cutter

Miami chef Justin Filt of Navé swears by this affordable tool.  "I prefer this one because of the non-slip rubber handle and the blade," he said. "It's sharp and stays that way for a long time."

Food & Wine associate food editor Kelsey Youngman is inclined to agree. "As with most Oxo products, this pizza wheel has a rubberized handle, making it easy to grip, even when you've got pizza grease on your hands," she said. "There's also a nice space between the blade wheel and the handle, making it easy to see the pizza you're cutting, for lovely, even slices, and easy to clean, since there are no small grooves or coverings to capture cheese and sauce."

Buy it: $13,