The Best Pepper Grinders for Fresh and Flavorful Ground Spices

Put that pre-ground pepper back on the shelf, the Peugeot Pepper Mill is the way to go.

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Peppers grinders are arguably one of the most important tools to have in your kitchen. After all, nearly every recipe calls for salt and pepper, and you probably use it every time you cook. That's why selecting an effective spice grinder—and not just a plastic one from the grocery store—is so integral for everyday cooking.

Knowing which pepper grinder to select can be confusing. There are so many choices and price points to consider: Do you opt for the standard wooden mill or select the stainless steel one that's comfortable to hold and easy to turn?

To narrow down the options, we've rounded up the best pepper grinders for everyday use, from wooden classics to automated electric grinders. Overall, the classic Peugeot 9-Inch Pepper Mill outranked the rest for its versatility, sleek design and two-stage grinding system that produces fresh, flavorful ground pepper. Read on for more of our favorite grinders, and find out why these handy gadgets mean we'll never buy pre-ground pepper again.

Best Overall: Peugeot Paris u'Select Manual Pepper Mill, 9-Inch

Peugeot Paris u'Select 9-Inch Pepper Mill

Courtesy of Amazon

Pros: This professional-quality pepper grinder lets you pick from six coarseness settings, which gives the user more control over the intensity of flavor and freshness.

Cons: This grinder is specifically designed for peppercorns, so it shouldn't be used for other types of spices.

Thanks to its special design, this grinder from Peugeot cracks each peppercorn without crushing it, helping to maintain maximum flavor in every piece.

Made from beechwood sourced from French forests, this gadget has a sleek, iconic design. It utilizes a stainless steel inner body for its two-stage pepper grinding mechanism that cracks each peppercorn first before grinding. Users can choose from six grind sizes to reach their desired coarseness by turning the ring at the bottom of the mill. For best results, Peugeot recommends only filling the grinder with dry, hard, whole peppercorns that are 1/4-inch or less in diameter.

Price at time of publish: $54

  • Grind settings: 6
  • Material: Wood body with stainless steel grind system

Best Value: Modetro Salt and Pepper Shakers Set Grinder Set

Modetro Salt and Pepper Shakers Set Grinder Set


Pros: This large-capacity set holds extra salt and pepper so you can go longer between refills. The two pieces come with a handy base for increased organization at an affordable price.

Cons: Larger capacity bottles means spices have more time to sit in between uses, which could result in a decrease of freshness.

Keep all your salt and pepper in one place with this set, complete with a silicone standing base that ensures organization in the kitchen. The grinding mechanism, which sits on the top of each mill, can be adjusted to produce fine, medium, and coarse salt and pepper. Each individual grinder holds up to 3/4-cup of salt and pepper, so you can go longer between refills. Plus, the sealing lid locks in flavors and keeps salt and peppercorns fresher for longer.

Price at time of publish: $23

  • Grind settings: 3
  • Material: Ceramic grinder with stainless steel lid

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Best Stainless Steel Pepper Grinder: OXO Good Grips Mess-Free Pepper Grinder

OXO Good Grips Mess-Free Pepper Grinder


Pros: Nonslip grips make this easy to hold and use, and a stainless steel lid helps lock in freshness.

Cons: Though this pepper grinder is simple and sleek, it isn't as stylish as some of the more decorative pieces on this list.

As sleek as it is functional, this stainless steel pepper grinder from OXO is designed for ease of use. The soft, non-slip grip is comfortable to hold and effortless to turn. You can easily switch between five different grind settings to achieve super fine and coarse textures alike. Unlike some of the wooden pepper grinders on this list, the clear body helps you see when it's time for a refill. The non-corrosive ceramic grinder won't absorb flavors or odors and you can seamlessly adjust it from fine to coarse grind in five settings. Plus, it comes with peppercorns to get you started.

Price at time of publish: $27

  • Grind settings: 5
  • Material: Ceramic grinder with stainless steel top

Best Electric Pepper Grinder: FinaMill Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder

Battery Operated Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder in One

Courtesy of Amazon

Pros: Interchangeable spice pods and a battery-operated base make this electric pepper grind one of the most functional and versatile we've used.

Cons: Since this isn't a manual gadget, you'll need to replace the batteries every so often.

FinaMill's battery-operated spice mills make grinding your own spices easy and fun. To use, fill one of the interchangeable pods with your desired whole spice, pop it into the body of the grinder, and press the button on top. The automatic gadget illuminates what you're seasoning with an LED light, and grinds your spices for as long as you hold the button down. To change spices, just press the pod to release.

We love that this grinder comes with three interchangeable spice pods, so you can easily swap out different spices between each use.

Price at time of publish: $45

  • Grind settings: Variable
  • Material: Ceramic grinder with plastic body

Best Splurge: Menu Inverted Salt Grinder and Pepper Grinder Set

Menu Inverted Salt Grinder and Pepper Grinder Set


Pros: Though these stylish pieces come with a higher price tag, their strong ceramic grinder can accommodate much more than just peppercorns. Use them to grind nuts, seeds, and other dried spices.

Cons: This stylish set is the most expensive on our list.

Thanks to the unique design, these salt and pepper mills look like fancy olive oil cruets rather than spice shakers. If you're looking for grinders that'll match the minimalist, modern aesthetic, the MENU bottle grinders hit all the right notes. Sleek and functional, the two-piece ceramic set is complete with a solid handle and a grinder located at the top so salt and pepper won't spill onto the table. To operate the mills, simply turn the base, with the grind settings at the top. The strong ceramic grinder can accommodate much more than just peppercorns, and they can easily grind grains, nuts, and other dried whole spices like cumin and coriander. Plus, it's easy to recognize which is which, thanks to the dark grey and white colors.

Price at time of publish: $95

  • Grind settings: 4
  • Material: Silicone and plastic body with wood lid and ceramic grinder

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Best Design: Le Creuset Pepper Mill

Pepper Mill

Le Creuset

Pros: This elegant pepper mill is functional and attractive. With a strong ceramic inner-grinder, it's offered in an array of Le Creuset's classic colors.

Cons: A smaller spice cavity means you'll have to refill this grinder more frequently than some others.

Le Creuset is known for crafting products that pop, and this pepper mill is no different. The lightweight, high-gloss ceramic grinder is functional yet stylish, complete with a metal knob to adjust the settings and a corrosive-resistant grinder. It's available in a number of bright colors like cerise, Caribbean, flame, and Marseille, plus more traditional hues like black and white. Match to your decor, or simply choose a color that'll make any kitchen come alive.

To control grind size, simply turn the metal knob to achieve anything from super fine to coarse.

Price at time of publish: $46

  • Grind settings: Variable
  • Material: Plastic body with ceramic grinder


Peugeot's streamlined and classic aesthetic makes for an elegant addition to any kitchen or dining table. The ceramic grinder cracks pepper without crushing it, helping to increase flavor and preserve freshness. If you're looking for the best pepper grinder to add to your collection of kitchen tools, you can't go wrong with a Peugeot Paris pepper mill.

Factors to Consider

Pepper mills should be easy to use, fill, hold, and clean. They should be fast and lightweight, and should be an easy gadget to reach for during any cooking project. Before selecting a pepper mill, it's important to assess the material it's made from and the different grind sizes it offers. Most of all, a quality pepper mill should produce consistent, fresh spices no matter how often you use it.


What some people may not realize is that selecting the right material for the grinding mechanism is more important than selecting the material of the body. Some pepper mills come with wood bodies, while others are plastic or glass. Body material is a matter of preference. Wooden pepper mills are classic and make an elegant addition to any table, but pepper mills with glass bodies allow you to more easily see when you'll need to refill it.

The best-quality pepper mills come with ceramic grinders because they are strong, durable, and don't absorb the flavor of the spices. That way, pepper gets cracked rather than crushed, and flavor and freshness are preserved.

Grind Size

Before selecting a pepper grinder, make sure that it allows you to control the coarseness of the ground spices. Some grinders have a variable mechanism that you turn, while others have multiple set coarseness options to choose from. Either way, choosing grind sizes offers more versatility, especially if you intend on using the grinder with other whole spices like coriander or cumin.

The Research

For this piece, our editors relied on their personal culinary experience to determine what's needed in a spice grinder and what characteristics make up an efficient one. We performed competitive research and assessed a variety of different brands and price points. We focused on selecting products that are functional, versatile, and durable, while being aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use.

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