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The 10 Best Outdoor Bar Carts for Al Fresco Entertaining 

Take your hosting to the next level with the Best Choice Products Rolling Wicker Bar Cart.
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Having a big event in your backyard can be tedious, but only if you don't have the right equipment. It's time to make hosting outdoor gatherings with family and friends as easy as possible, and the one reliable tool you need for doing this is an outdoor bar cart. What qualifies as a bar cart? By nature, it must move (otherwise, it's not technically a cart). It usually has two shelves, although many experts agree that a third shelf is preferable. The top shelf is for serving drinks, and the bottom is for storing all the liquor, ingredients, bottles of wine, and more that you'll need when propping up your outdoor bar station. If you fancy yourself something of a home bartender and opt for one of the three-shelf carts, there's plenty of extra space for storage, glassware, ice, and other must-have bar tools.

If you dream of having an outdoor kitchen but aren't quite there yet, an outdoor bar cart is a step in the right direction. Our favorite, the Best Choice Products Outdoor Rolling Wicker Bar Cart, is a well-priced cart for opening up a whole new world of al fresco entertaining—it's got the basics and then some. Peruse this expert-curated list for other great options to help you serve, sip, and savor all summer long.  

Our Top Picks

Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best Overall: Best Choice Products Outdoor Rolling Wicker Bar Cart

View at Amazon ($200) 

Also available at Target and Walmart.

Pros: There's a built-in ice bucket, stemware racks, and bottle holders.

Cons: This is only a two-tier cart.

 The Best Choice Products Outdoor Rolling Wicker Bar Cart checks all the boxes. With a built-in ice bucket, stemware racks, and bottle holders, it's great value for the price point. "Bar carts can be expensive, but if you're on a budget, don't let that scare you. Find something sturdy and then focus on the spirits," says Mike Podlogar, Director of the Ready-to-Drink Program at Boardroom Spirits in Pennsylvania. While this bar cart only has two shelves, the bottom shelf is so functional that we can't resist recommending this as the Best Overall. On the bottom shelf, there's room for three bottles of wine and liquor, any mixers you may need on the corresponding side, and an ice bucket in the middle for keeping all your beverages cold. The stemware rack is a bonus and is an invisible third shelf for wine glasses. We love the top-shelf glass top and how easily you can wipe down the surface for quick cleanup. Finally, did we mention it's wicker? This classic wicker weave will match many outdoor furniture pieces, and it's easy to wipe down at the end of the party. 

  • Dimensions: 43.5" (L) x 18" (W) x 36.5" (H)
  • Material: All-weather wicker, steel frame, and tempered glass top
  • Storage: Yes
  • Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best Value: Marguerite Sand & Stable Bar Cart

View at Wayfair ($226)

Pros: Users rave about how easy this is to put together. The natural hardwood is beautiful.

Cons: The solid wood construction will require extra care.

The Margeurite Sand & Stable Bar Cart has an aesthetically pleasing design, solid wood construction, and good functionality. Two nicely sized shelves make for plenty of room on top for serving; beneath, there's ample space for storage or a small ice bucket and even a trio of bottle holders. It's simple and classic — sure to be a reliable watering hole for your next gathering. Because it's made of solid wood, you'll want to take extra care and grab a cover or move it into a covered space to keep it out of the rain to prevent wear and tear. 

  • Dimensions: 42.75" (L) x 22" (W) x 31.5" (H)
  • Material: Natural hardwoods 
  • Storage: Yes
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth; keep dry and out of the rain (either cover or store)
Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best Splurge: Serena & Lily Riviera Bar

View at Serena & Lily ($998)

Pros: The top of this bar cart has a serving shelf that doubles as an ice chest underneath.

Cons: This cart does not have added features like wine racks.

While this is a splurge purchase and technically doesn't have wheels, hear us out! Although it needs two people to move around, this is a fantastic bar cart because it has two wide shelves, and the top doubles as an ice chest. The top shelf is split into two large wood planks that move independently. You can fill the galvanized metal bins with ice and drinks and close the tops to have a serving space or opt to leave one top off and have the ice chest open for easy access. The wide space between the bottom shelf and the bottom of the top shelf allows for tall bottles, such as spirits and wine, but it does not come with any added features like wine racks. This one gets bonus points because it's extra cute with a white-checked wicker design offset by the solid wood—great for an accent piece in your outdoor space.  

  • Dimensions: 39.5" (L) x 15.5" (W) x 37" (H)
  • Material: Hand-woven resin wicker
  • Storage: Yes
  • Care: Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth
Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best with Cooler: Permasteel Portable Rolling Patio Cooler

View at Amazon ($220)

Pros: This portable ice chest eliminates the need for bending over to grab cold drinks. There's also a bottle opener and cap catcher on the side. 

Cons: This is an ice-chest style bar cart meant more for storing rather than serving.

As far as ice-chest style bar carts go, this one's a keeper. It comes in nine flashy colors and has a retro aesthetic. The split-top opens from both sides, making drink division and access easy. We like that the roller wheels feature locks to keep the cart in place, and the nifty bottle opener and cap catcher on the outside is a nice touch. This bar cart is essentially an elevated, portable ice chest, and the large capacity allows for a wide variety of white and sparkling wine, beer (canned or bottled), ready-to-drink cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages that require consistently cold temps. Because it's plastic, cleanup is easy; this cart can be hosed down, and a drain plug is underneath to facilitate cleanup.

  • Dimensions: 36.5" (L) x 18" (W) x 33.5" (H)
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Storage: Yes/No
  • Care: Hose down or wipe clean with a damp cloth
Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best Folding: Cosco Outdoor Living Outdoor and Indoor Folding Serving Cart

View at Amazon ($112)

Pros: This cart is foldable and comes in six cute colors. The alloy steel construction makes it very easy to clean.

Cons: This is a small cart with no extra storage.

This bar cart is simple, affordable, and a good option for small spaces. The entire piece folds up for when you're not using it, and it's weather-resistant enough to live outside. It comes in six colors and has plenty of room to hold a large ice bin on its bottom shelf if needed. The basic two-tier bar cart is a good entry point for those who want to take fewer trips to the kitchen when hosting outdoor gatherings. Just grab all your supplies and stock the shelves for guests to enjoy.

  • Dimensions: 61" (L) x 19.3"(W) x 42.5" (H)
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Storage: No
  • Care: Hose down or wipe clean with a damp cloth
Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best Modern: Abaco Outdoor Bar Cart

View at Crate & Barrel ($500)

Pros: A recessed, metal-lined ice bucket with a wicker exterior gives this bar cart a modern look and functionality we can't resist.

Cons: The serving space is smaller because of the recessed ice bucket.

The sleek look of this bar cart is great for a modern backyard style. The cart is crafted from solid acacia wood, and the top butcher block serving space is solid concrete-resin. The metal-lined, wicker ice bucket that drops into the top shelf is our favorite feature, making all the cold things readily accessible anytime. While this one's a two-tier cart, the bottom shelf offers reliable space for various bottle sizes and supplies. 

  • Dimensions: 33.875" (L) x 20" (W) x 29" (H)
  • Material: Acacia wood
  • Storage: Yes
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth; keep dry and out of rain (either cover or store)
Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best Metal: Dune Bar Cart

View at Crate & Barrel ($749)

Pros: The top serving shelf is removable for easy cleanup and service, and there are bottle holders.

Cons: Significant care is required, as water exposure on the stainless steel can create rust.

The Dune Bar Cart has a great modern look and a lot of nice functionality. A couple unique features make this bar cart very practical: the top can be lifted out of its frame in case you need to take a tray of drinks to a table, and the bottom shelf features bottle holders. We like the half shelf in the middle that creates a great space for smaller glassware or mixers and liqueurs, and leaves the bottom shelf to occupy the larger spirits and bottles. Because this bar cart is stainless steel, the care is a bit more than some may bargain for—be sure to read the care instructions before committing to this one. 

  • Dimensions: 33" (L) x 25.5" (W) x 32.75" (H)
  • Material: Outdoor-grade stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Storage: Yes
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth; keep dry and out of the rain (either cover or store) to avoid rust; do not use an abrasive cleaner, and care for nicks and scrapes with Rustoleum. 
Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best for Small Spaces: Calla Straight Bar Cart

View at Wayfair ($212)

Pros: We love the affordable price for this cute wooden cart. There are four bottle holders.

Cons: This compact design is best for smaller gatherings or everyday use rather than large parties.

While this cart is smaller than others on this list, it's mighty. There are four convenient bottle holders on the bottom shelf along with a small shelf space. We like the tray-style top that offers a lipped edge for placing glassware and other service supplies; it's also removable, making it easy to distribute a tray of drinks to guests. This is a very practical, affordable option and great for small spaces.

  • Dimensions: 35.7" (L) x 23.7" (W) x 35.5" (H)
  • Material: Acacia wood
  • Storage: Yes
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth; keep dry and out of rain (either cover or store)
Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best Wine Lovers: Tianna Rolling Bar Cart with Wine Rack

View at Overstock ($432)

Pros: This cart offers more than enough for wine lovers: a stemware rack and storage for up to ten wine bottles to showcase a little bit of everything.

Cons: Much care is required, as water exposure on the iron edges can create rust.

The Tianna Rolling Bar Cart is a wine lover's dream. There are seven slots on the stemware rack along the underside of the top shelf for all stemware, from flutes to all-purpose stems. The clearance between the stemware rack and the second shelf makes it so smaller supplies and other glassware can still fit underneath. On the bottom shelf, a split design makes this one of the more sophisticated bar carts; it has a spot for large bottles on the left and a wine bottle rack on the right that holds up to ten bottles (laid flat). The length of this cart allows for a large serving space on top. There's no shortage of space or storage here; if wine is a go-to, this cart will not disappoint.  

  • Dimensions: 50" (L) x 18" (W) x 36" (H)
  • Material: Wood and iron
  • Storage: Yes
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth; keep dry and out of the rain (either cover or store)
Best Outdoor Bar Carts
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Best for Cocktail Enthusiasts: Sophie Bar Cart

View at Pier 1 ($450)

Pros: This one comes with a handy drawer for all the tricks of the mixology trade.

Cons: The solid wood construction will require extra care.

From jiggers to muddlers to bar spoons, every good mixologist needs an assortment of tools for making craft cocktails. We recommend the Sophie Bar Cart for cocktail enthusiasts because it has the perfect little drawer to store all the necessary tools for making cocktails. The layout of this bar cart also makes it great for cocktail concoctions. It has a wide serving shelf; three smaller-tiered shelves for your favorite old-fashioned glassware and things like bitters and maraschino cherries; larger space on the bottom shelf for additional supplies and mixers; and a trio of bottle holders perfect for your favorite spirits.

  • Dimensions: 43.75" (L) x 22.75" (W) x 33.5" (H)
  • Material: Acacia wood
  • Storage: Yes
  • Care: Wipe with a soft, dry cloth; either cover or store during inclement weather

Our Favorite

With so many outdoor bar carts from which to choose, deciding can be tough. For those jumping into outdoor hosting this summer, the Best Choice Products Outdoor Rolling Wicker Bar Cart is a nice option for a good price. It offers many of the additional features that some of the pricier options include while still having an accessible price point. 

Factors to Consider

Usage + Purpose 

Deciding on an outdoor bar cart will depend on your usage and purpose. Consider if you will have nice glassware in your cart, and if so, how the glasses will be displayed and stored. If wine is your go-to, choose a cart with stemware racks and sturdy cylindrical slots for holding bottles of wine. For white wine bottles, you'll need a standalone ice bucket or a built-in one. If you're a regular beer drinker, you'll likely opt for a more ice-chest style bar cart with a large compartment for tons of ice to keep your bottles and cans cold. For the cocktail connoisseur, expert bartenders recommend a three-tier cart, so you have ample space for serving, storage, and ingredients.  


A few features to consider for an outdoor bar cart include: two shelves or three, a wine bottle holder, a hanging wine glass shelf, an ice-chest style compartment, and size. Of course, shelf space depends on your usage and purpose (see above). Likewise, your favorite libations will impact the added features specific to wine or ice-required beverages. Size will matter for the space you envision putting your outdoor bar cart. 

Material, Care + Cleaning

The quality level of these outdoor bar carts is great, but some are easier to clean than others. Consider if you would prefer a quick hose-down clean or if you have the energy to grab a spray bottle and towel when your outdoor bar cart needs a spruce up. Wood will clean up easily but requires a bit more care and drying. Wicker and metal can easily be hosed down and left in the sun to dry. 


By nature, a bar cart should have wheels, making them very easy to move from place to place. And while we selected one on this list without wheels (it was just that good!), they are all relatively movable. Some have four wheels and can easily move around, while others have two and need to be lifted on one end and then pushed. The Serena & Lily option without wheels will require two people to move, but its stylish aesthetic and deep ice chest bin make it worth it.

Pro Panel Q+A

How do I use a bar cart?

A bar cart should be looked at as any other bar station, whether in your home or otherwise. Park your bar cart in an easily accessible place, though the beauty of it being a cart means you can move it if need be! Make the top shelf your serving space and any shelves below for stocking your bar and supplies.

What do I put on an outdoor bar cart?

A bar cart should be well stocked with spirits, wine, beer, and any bar tools you may need—depending on the type of libations you are serving. If ice is needed for your drinks, add an ice bucket (or better yet, get a bar cart with a built-in ice bucket). 

How can I style an outdoor bar cart?

Director of the Ready-to-Drink Program at Boardroom Spirits in Pennsylvania says, "Building an outdoor bar cart is like building a cheese plate. You need to keep in mind different flavors, textures, and balance all within the confines of a small space. I like a three-tier bar cart, and some key tips include keeping the surplus of things on the bottom so one doesn't run out, supplemented by putting items like mixers and ice on the middle rack of the cart so the top can be reserved for garnishes, tinctures, bitters, and bottles." 

Our Expertise 

Years of tasting and writing about food, wine, and spirits guide Melissa Vogt's research. Read more of her writing on her website and in Napa Valley Life, Very Napa Valley, and Wine Country This Month. As part of her research, Melissa connected with several bartenders and drinks program directors from around the country. The expertise of Mike Podlogar, Director of the Ready-to-Drink Program at Boardroom Spirits in Pennsylvania, helped inform her research and list curation. As someone who arranges outdoor carts for private events, public festivals, and at the distillery, Podlogar's insight was instrumental in selecting these top choices.