A terrific nonstick pan is a non-negotiable for healthy cooking. F&W's Test Kitchen road-tested the newest nonstick pans to find the six best, then created recipes to match.

By Christine Quinlan
Updated June 15, 2017
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Credit: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

1. All-Clad

This square All-Clad nonstick pan is perfect for cooking fish fillets. The 11-inch d5 pan cooks both delicate and meaty fish nicely; the square shape fits fillets well. Tip: Brush fish with a little oil rather than adding oil to the skillet. $179; williams-sonoma.com.

Recipe Match: Triple-Mustard Salmon

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Fissler

The bumpy surface on Fissler's pan helps crisp food. The Solea pan's textured surface, rather than a nonstick coating, keeps food from clinging. Tiny ridges help create a crust. From $155 for a 9.5-inch pan; amazon.com.

Credit: Courtesy of Sur La Table

3. Lodge

Lodge recently introduced glass lids for its skillets. Its pre-seasoned cast-iron is naturally nonstick and good for everything from baking corn bread to searing meat. From $23 for a 10 1/4-inch pan; surlatable.com.

Recipe Match: Spinach-Arugula Frittata

Credit: Courtesy of Sur La Table

4. Demeyere

Demeyere's heavy nonstick pan distributes heat evenly. Designed for induction cooking (but good on any stovetop), the ControlInduc pan resists overheating. From $130 for an 8-inch skillet; surlatable.com.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

5. Anolon

Anolon's 3-inch-deep pan is marvelous for pan roasts. The oven-safe Nouvelle Copper 3-quart sauté pan is deep enough to prevent splatters when browning a pork tenderloin on the stove. A copper core helps distribute heat. $130; amazon.com.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

6. Calphalon

An extra handle makes this big Calphalon nonstick pan easy to carry. The Unison 4-quart sauté pan has high sides and lots of surface area—great for stir-fries. Super-versatile, it can also give steak a good sear or cook eggs gently. $225; amazon.com.

Nonstick Pan Do's & Don'ts

  • Use Plastic. The first rule of nonstick pans: Pick plastic or wooden tools, never metal.
  • Season Pans. Periodically rub oil on cool pans to maintain the nonstick coating.
  • Go for heft. Heavy nonstick pans are less likely to overheat than flimsy ones.
  • Shun scratches. Eating flakes of coating can be harmful: Toss out scratched skillets.
  • Avoid High Heat. High heat (from the broiler, for example) can damage coatings.
  • Pay For Quality. Great nonstick pans can last for years—they're a smart investment.

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