The Best Grill Covers for All-Year Weather Protection

Our top picks feature durable waterproof and UV-resistant materials that shield cooking surfaces from contamination when not in use.

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Grillman grill cover

You might have already bought your dream outdoor grill, added on a couple of handy tools and accessories, or even researched recipes to get your dinner routine ready ahead of the warmer months. Before you get cooking, there's one additional item every grill master must have to keep their grill protected through barbecue season and beyond.

A grill cover is the absolute best way to maintain a grill's look and performance, and it's an easy and affordable tool that can help extend the lifespan of any outdoor grill. Not only will it shelter your unit from elements like rain and snow to prevent rust, but it will also protect it from natural particles like tree sap, pollen, dust, and dirt that can contaminate your cooking surface—and your food. Additionally, a cover provides secure protection from nesting critters and pests that might find your grill a safe, dry, and comfy space to settle (because nothing kills the appetite quite like a surprise bug infestation).

To find the best grill cover, first assess the size and shape of your cooker to determine the best fit for you. Next, consider where you plan to store your grill to determine what types of environmental protection you'll need in a grill cover. Read on for more about the best grill covers you can buy.

Best Overall

Classic Accessories Veranda 64 in. Large BBQ Grill Cover

Courtesy of Home Depot.

Pros: Durable fabric makes this weather-resistant cover extra strong, and vents allow air to flow freely, helping mitigate moisture.

Cons: Though it comes in many sizes, the shape of this cover means it's more suited to rectangular grills, rather than circular charcoal grills.

For a durable cover that will shield your grill from every type of outdoor element, you can't beat this heavy-duty option. Made of woven polyester fabric, this weather-resistant shield stands strong against moisture from rain and snow, and even includes air vents that minimize condensation and protect the cover from lifting off in heavy winds.

Padded handles on both sides make it easy to take off when it's time to get dinner going, and after cooling and cleaning your grill, click-and-close straps securely keep the cover in place to combat windy weather.

This grill cover comes in eight sizes to fit a wide range of grills, and is compatible with many popular brands, including Weber, Brinkmann, Char-Broil, Jenn-Air, and more.

Price at time of publish: $72

  • Available sizes: 8
  • Weather resistance: Water-resistant
  • Attachment system: Click-close straps and drawstring bottom

Best Value

VIBOOS 58-Inch Grill Cover

VIBOOS 58-Inch Grill Cover


Pros: This versatile option fits a variety of different styles of grills at an affordable price.

Cons: Though it's made of durable material that will shield your grill from environmental factors, it doesn't have vented slots to decrease condensation and allow for free air flow.

If you've already splurged on a top-tier grill, you may not be willing to spend too much more on accessories, but a grill cover is a worthy investment to prevent damage, premature replacement, or repairs down the line. Luckily, this option from Viboos is waterproof, wind-proof, and dust-resistant at an affordable price.

At 58 inches by 24 inches by 46 inches, it's designed to fit several of the most popular outdoor grill brands, including Char-Broil and Nexgrill, as well as both of Weber's popular Spirit and Genesis models.

Not only is the heavy-duty fabric ideal for waterproof protection against storms and moisture, but it's also durable enough for long-term use. The UV coating can withstand intense sun without fading or cracking, so it can keep your grill looking and performing at its best year-round, even in peak summer sun.

Adjustable Velcro fasteners on both sides and a drawstring at the bottom keep the cover snugly secure around your grill, even in heavy winds.

Price at time of publish: $30

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Weather resistance: Waterproof, UV-coated, wind-proof, dust-resistant
  • Attachment system: Adjustable velcro straps on the sides and a drawstring bottom

Best Durable Option

Grillman Premium 58-inch BBQ Grill Cover



Pros: This water-resistant, wind-proof, UV-coated grill cover is designed to protect against even the harshest weather conditions.

Cons: Unlike some others, this cover doesn't attach at the bottom of the grill, so be sure to fasten the side straps tightly to prevent it from blowing away.

If your backyard space is regularly exposed to harsh outdoor elements, you need a durable cover that can provide unyielding protection. We love this option from Grillman because it's waterproof, wind-proof, UV-coated, and rip-resistant. That means it provides protection from all types of weather—hot or cold, rain or shine.

Its PVC-lined 600 denier polyester canvas fabric features a UV-resistant finish, and unlike most grill covers on the market, it's specifically dyed to make the color more durable to sunlight and less prone to fading over time. It features adjustable hook and loop closure straps for a tight fit, plus padded heavy-duty handles at each side for easy maneuvering.

This grill cover is available in three color options: black, gray, and tan. It also comes in a selection of six sizes to perfectly fit all popular grill brands, including Weber, Char-Broil, and Brinkmann. The waterproof construction makes it easy to clean—simply spray with water and allow it to air dry.

Price at time of publish: $60

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Weather resistance: Waterproof, wind-proof, UV-coated, and rip-resistant
  • Attachment system: Adjustable hook and loop velcro side straps

Best Compact

Weber Premium 22 in. Charcoal Grill Cover

Weber Premium 22 in. Charcoal Grill Cover
Weber Premium 22 in. Charcoal Grill Cover.

Home Depot

Pros: Thanks to its compact size, this cover is easy to handle and fits tightly over smaller, more simple charcoal grills.

Cons: This cover is designed for smaller grills that don't have any accessories, so you'll need a separate cover for any side tables.

This petite option from Weber is made specifically for 22-inch grills without a side table, including the brand's most popular mini model, the Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill. Though it's one of the most affordable grills on the market, even small grills need major protection, and this model is equally as heavy-duty as the options made for bigger barbecues with all the expensive bells and whistles.

It's made of 100 percent polyester material that's just as durable as vinyl, but still soft, pliable, and breathable enough for easy placement and removal—even in extreme winter weather. It's water-resistant for protection against natural elements and features UV inhibitors in the fabric to resist fading over time in the sun. Included fastening straps help keep the cover secure on extra windy days, and a handle at the top makes it easy to take on and off.

Price at time of publish: $46

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Weather resistance: Water-resistant and UV inhibiting
  • Attachment system: Loop and hook side straps

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Best for Flat Top Grills

Unicook 28-Inch Griddle Cover

Unicook 28-Inch Griddle Cover


Pros: A support pole helps create a domed surface, so water slides off rather than pooling on flat top grills.

Cons: This cover is only offered in one size, so make sure to measure your unit before purchasing.

Since flat top grills are shaped differently than others, it can be tricky to find a form fitting cover. For a secure fit, go with a weather-resistant cover that comes equipped with a support pole to prevent water from pooling on the flat surface. The support pole helps create a vaulted top, which allows water and debris to slide off rather than collecting on the cooking surface.

It's made of high-density fabric that's designed to combat sun, snow, hail, dust, dirt, and grime, for years of use without fading or cold-cracking. The seam is double-stitched for maximum durability—even in heavy rain.

Poly-resin buckles clip underneath the griddle base to ensure that the cover stays in place through stormy weather, and a form-fitting design stays snug against the body of the grill to prevent flapping in the wind. Keep in mind that this cover is only offered in one size, so make sure to measure your grill to ensure a good fit.

Price at time of publish: $34

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Weather resistance: Waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Attachment system: Velcro fastening side straps and poly-resin buckles underneath

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Best for Weber Grills

Weber Genesis II 300 Series Premium Gas Grill Cover

Weber Genesis II 300 Series Premium Gas Grill Cover
Weber Genesis II 300 Series Premium Gas Grill Cover.


Pros: This versatile cover is compatible with three of Weber's most popular gas grill models.

Cons: Due to the shape of this cover, it's not suited to Weber's smaller charcoal grills.

If you have a name brand grill, buying a cover from that same brand means it's guaranteed to fit safely and securely. Made for three of the most popular Weber gas grill models, the Genesis II 3-Burner, Genesis 300 Series, and Genesis II LX 300 Series, this premium cover offers the perfect fit for your grill because it's made by and for the very same brand.

Its heavy-duty polyester fabric is both water and UV-resistant for year-round protection, no matter the weather. It's breathable for sufficient airflow on extra-hot days and comes with straps with hook and loop fasteners on both sides for a more fitted appearance, plus the security of it staying in place when the wind picks up. Keep in mind that this cover doesn't have handles, which might make maneuvering it more difficult.

Price at time of publish: $40

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Weather resistance: Water-resistant and UV-resistant
  • Attachment system: Hook and loop velcro side straps

Best for Char-Broil Grills

Char Broil Performance Grill Cover

Char Broil Performance Grill Cover


Pros: This universal grill cover is made for Char-Broil grills, but is completely compatible with other top brands like Weber and Nexgrill.

Cons: Though side straps hold it in place, this cover does not fasten underneath the grill. Make sure to secure the side straps tightly so it won't blow away in heavy winds.

Featuring multiple sizes for barbecues with two burners, three to four burners, and five or more burners, plus two additional options for grill or kettle smoker combos, this collection offers the perfect cover for practically every Char-Broil grill. Though it's made with the brand in mind, it's super universal and can also fit multiple Weber, Char-Griller, Broil King, Nexgrill, Kitchenaid, Dyna-Glo, and Expert Grill models.

Its 300 denier polyester fabric is extra thick to protect your grill from potential downpours, and sealed seams ensure a watertight fit from all angles. Additionally, a protective sun fade liner stands strong against UV rays—so much that the brand offers a two-year fade-free warranty on their grill covers. It's also rip-resistant and features adjustable-fit side straps that'll stay in place in windy weather.

Price at time of publish: $36

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Weather resistance: Waterproof, rip-resistant and UV-resistant
  • Attachment system: Adjustable side straps


Overall, the Classic Accessories Veranda grill cover offers heavy-duty durability with added versatility to fit a wide range of grills. It comes in eight different sizes, and thus is compatible with a variety of different brands. The vented slots allow air to fry freely, which helps keep the grill protected while preventing a buildup of condensation underneath.

Factors to Consider

Material and Weather Resistance

It's important to select a cover that is prepared to last just as long, if not longer, than your grill itself. The best grill covers are made from heavy-duty, waterproof materials like vinyl, polyester, nylon, and canvas, and some even offer a UV-resistant coating to ensure that the fabric won't crack with extended sun exposure. Before purchasing one, it's important to take note of where you intend to store your grill and what types of weather that space is most often subjected to. Then, you can appropriately select the best material for your grill cover, based on the types of weather it will be the most vulnerable to. If you'll be storing it in direct sunlight, make sure to select a cover with a UV coating that is resistant to sun exposure. If you'll be storing it in an area that is subjected to rainfall, you'll want a waterproof cover that will keep your grill rust-free. Whatever type of material you choose, make sure it is durable enough to withstand extended outdoor use.

Size and Fit

When shopping for a cover to suit your specific grill, take into account its unique size and shape to guarantee a perfect fit. A cover that fits snugly is the best way to ensure that your cooker stays protected from environmental elements like wind, rain, and snow. If your grill has a side table, hopper, or any other accessory, make sure to select a cover that can accommodate those features. Your grill cover should always be slightly larger than your grill, and it should have some way of attaching so that it doesn't blow off in heavy winds. From velcro straps to clip-close cords, making sure you have a tight-fitting grill cover that stays in place is the best way to guarantee your grill stays protected from harmful elements.

Air Vents 

Some grill covers come with air vents, which can be useful in damp climates to help prevent mold and mildew from growing underneath the cover when the grill is not in use. But these air vents can also let moisture in during heavy rain and are probably best for grills in milder climates, or where they are partially covered, or for grills that get stored seasonally in a garage.

The Research

For this piece, we researched the most popular types of grills to determine what kind of protection was necessary for each. We assessed environmental factors and the potential damage they could cause, in order to determine what types of weather proofing were necessary. We combined competitive research with industry insights to make informed, thoughtful selections.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are grill covers necessary?

    While not strictly necessary, “to protect your grill from the elements and keep it looking its best, a grill cover is strongly recommended,” says Jamie Wallace, a senior category manager at Traeger. Keeping your grill covered when it’s not in use will prevent or delay wear and tear on the exterior, protect the interior from rust, and act as a deterrent for animals. Especially if you live in a harsh climate, keeping your grill covered will extend both its appearance and functional life.

  • Are grill covers heat-resistant?

    “Covers are not heat resistant,” says Wallace. “Always allow your grill to cool completely before covering.” Putting a cover on a hot grill can cause it to melt and fuse to the exterior of your grill or, worse, create a fire hazard. 

  • Are grill covers waterproof?

    Most grill covers are water resistant, according to Wallace, which is different from being waterproof. While they are designed to prevent water from getting into your grill, they are not completely impervious to moisture. Keep an eye on your cover and replace it if the inner water-resistant lining begins to crack or peel away, or if you notice split seams or any holes. 

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