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The 8 Best Food Scales for Foolproof Cooking

Measure your way to success. 
By Kaitlyn Wylde
May 12, 2020
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Precision in the kitchen can make all the difference between delicious and disappointing. And while some recipes are flexible enough to accomodate a pinch of this or a splash of that, other recipes—especially when it comes to baking—rely on exact measurements for success. If you’re in the market to sharpen your culinary skills, a food scale is a must-have in your arsenal of trusty cooking gadgets. 

Though you might be able to get by with measuring cups and spoons, the accuracy of a cooking scale is incomparably advanced. Why bake bread that’s just okay when you could bake a loaf that tastes precisely the same as the kind you’d order from a bakery? A cooking scale allows you to be exact in a way that no other measuring device permits. What’s more, if you’re following a recipe from a cookbook, chances are the ingredients are listed by weight, so following along with the more complicated recipes is made easy by adding this small appliance to your kitchen

It’s also worth noting that even if you’re more of a meal-prepper, having a food scale allows you to weigh out meal portions. And if you don’t usually cook for anyone but yourself, you’ll still benefit from having a scale since it can help you easily convert large-batch recipes to single servings. In other words, these dynamic tools will come in handy for a myriad of uses. To help you choose one, we browsed thousands of customer reviews on and found 8 kitchen scales that shoppers love for a variety of cooking needs. 

These are the best food scales to shop online: 

Keep reading to learn more about each of these food scales and why so many customers recommend them as cooking and baking aids. 

Food Scales
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Digital Scale: Ozeri Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

With over 25,000 rave reviews on Amazon, this compact digital scale is one of the highest-rated food scales out there—and it has big capabilities. Customers are amazed by its precision, noting that it registers the most subtle increments of weight (even graduations of .05 ounces), and say that because the scale itself is so light, it’s never cumbersome to use or store. The scale can hold up to 11.24 pounds, and makes cooking even more foolproof by converting grams to pounds to ounces to milliliters quickly. Powered by two AAA batteries, it has a built-in power-off system that will shut down the LED screen after two minutes of inactivity so that you can get the most out of the battery life. 

To buy: $14;

Food Scales
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Best Slim Design: Kalorik Digital Precision Kitchen Scale

Another top digital option, Kalorik’s scale pairs a sleek silver look with an ultra-slim construction that’s perfect for smaller kitchens. Customers love how lightweight and flat it is, adding that its thin design makes it easy to clean and store. Plus, if you rely on a kitchen scale for a wide range of measuring needs, you’ll want a scale that can handle a lot of weight while also remaining hyper accurate—and that’s exactly what this scale does. It can handle up to 22 pounds and provide measurements in graduations of 0.1 ounces. Whether you’re weighing frozen meat, postal packages (yes, it can be used for non-food needs, too), or herbs, you can count on getting a reliable read from this affordable and compact device that won’t take up too much precious counter space. 

To buy: $34;

Food Scales
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Best for Baking: KitchenAid Mixer Sifter & Scale Attachment

If you already own a coveted KitchenAid stand mixer, which many serious bakers do, this attachment is a must. Working with flour and other powder-like ingredients can be messy and inexact, but this device is designed to conveniently measure and sift even the most unruly ingredients directly into the mixing bowl with a hands-free, mess-free design. Reviewers who bake often swear by this scale for all of their baking needs, adding that the digital interface is accurate and easy to read, too. Though this is an attachment that will work with any version of KitchenAid mixers, it can also be used independently, so you can place it right on your countertop and measure other ingredients. 

To buy: $100 (originally $130);

Food Scales
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Best Smart Scale: Vitamix Perfect Blend

If you like kitchen gadgets that take advantage of the latest technologies, you’ll appreciate this smart scale from Vitamix. This scale works best with the corresponding Perfect Blend app—which is free to download on any smartphone device—because it provides recipes and step-by-step instructions to ensure your measurements are meticulously accurate. The scale measures ingredients to the nearest .01 gram, and tons of customers are wowed not only by its accuracy, but also its dynamic functionality. “I like its ability to precisely add ingredients to my smoothies,” one customer said of the scale’s reliability. Other customers like how the scale and app allow you to create and save your own recipes, a function that’s certainly not expected of a scale. 

To buy: $100;

Food Scales
Credit: Courtesy of Sur la Table

Most Innovative Design: OXO Stainless Steel Scale with Pull-Out Display

Popular kitchenware brand OXO designed this innovative stainless steel digital scale with a pull-out display feature that allows you to measure even the most cumbersome or bulky items. This means that the digital display portion can be pulled out from the rest of the scale, so you can center a boxy baking tray or plate on it and still get an accurate reading. The scale also features a removable platform for easy cleaning, and a customer praised its “quality, consistency, and functionality.” Because it’s so small and inconspicuous, it’s also easy to store or find the counterspace for (and you won’t mind leaving it out on display). 

To buy: $50;

Food Scales
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Best Colorful Option: Sencor Kitchen Scale

If you like a little bit of character in your kitchen, this colorful digital scale from Sencor is just what you need. Available in 6 bright colors—including pastel pink, lime green, and peach—any shade you go with will instantly liven up your cooking space. And the fun design doesn’t mean it skimps on function; it has an extra large backlit digital display with four touch-control sensors, so you get clear accuracy and measurements every time. While customers love the color options, they’re mostly impressed with the straightforward and easy-to-use functionality. "When I opened the box I saw the genial minimalism with the maximum capabilities!’ one reviewer said. Another notable yet subtle feature is the clever design. “The surface of the scale is slightly rounded with a small lip—this is great for keeping your food from rolling off the scale and makes cleanup of spilled items a breeze,” another user wrote. Plus, the scale has a smooth, acrylic surface, so it can easily be wiped down with a wet rag or paper towel. 

To buy: $25;

Food Scales
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Best for Beginners: The Chef Baking and Kitchen Scale

If you still have your training wheels on in the kitchen, The Chef’s digital food scale is your best bet. Displayed right on the scale is a built-in reference guide to ensure accuracy and provide a quick lesson in measurement conversions for common baking ingredients. Below the handy conversion guide is a digital display that’s easy to use and understand. To convert between measurements, all you have to do is push one button for grams, milliliters, pounds, ounces, or fluid ounces.The industrial-style scale can be used to measure both wet and dry ingredients up to 12 pounds. Perfect for beginner bakers or home cooks, this scale has rave reviews for its functionality and performance. 

To buy: $25;

Food Scales
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Best Dial Scale: Escali Mercado Dial Scale with Bowl

If you have the countertop space and prefer a classic dial scale, you’ll want to show off this attractive option for a retro feel. The main appeal of dial scales is that they’re incredibly durable and accurate, and this one is no different, featuring a stainless steel frame and bowl. The analog display shows ounces, pounds, and grams and can hold up to 11 pounds of ingredients. Though it looks very substantial, shoppers say it’s lightweight enough to move across surfaces or stow away as needed. Some users even said they find the dial is faster, more precise, and easier to read than digital scales.

To buy: $27 (originally $50);