Perfect for some crispy fries and fried chicken.

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Deep Fryers
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Extra-crispy fries, chicken wings, juicy drumsticks, fish and chips—are you getting hungry yet? If so, it's time to invest in a deep fryer. With this handy appliance, you can immediately start frying up some of the aforementioned treats in your own kitchen. While the buzziest cooking gadget in recent years has been the air fryer, there are still instances when a good old deep fryer is the better choice—like when you want thick, crispy, Southern-style crust or fried pickles, for example. And though you can get these foods at any restaurant stocked with a frying station, a deep fryer makes it easy to create your favorite crunchy dishes at home.

There's a lot to think about when buying a deep fryer, so to help make it easier, we rounded up the nine best deep fryers you can buy on Amazon. Here, you'll find options from customer-loved brands such as Krups, T-fal, Breville, Hamilton Beach, and De'Longhi. 

Read on to learn what to look for before making your purchase, along with more details about each deep fryer we've selected.

What to look for in a deep fryer

There are a few different factors to consider when shopping for a deep fryer, like safety, cleanup, and overall functionality and ease of use. A deep fryer that you can easily clean is perhaps the most important, because there's nothing more annoying than having to scrub off dried grease—not to mention, disposing of leftover boiling-hot oil is dangerous. For this reason, good deep fryers come with removable oil containers; even better ones include easy-pour spouts so that you can release the oil into a bowl or jug without having to come in contact with it. 

The next has to do with safety. Hot oil is no laughing matter and can cause severe burns if it comes in contact with skin. Some deep fryers, such as De'Longhi's Roto Deep Fryer, have special safety features, like temperature-regulated handles and exterior walls that stay cool so that you can shift the machine while it's in use. Most options also come with clear windows on their lids, so you can peek inside and ensure your food is browning correctly, eliminating the risk of getting splashed with sizzling oil when opening the lid. 

Other features come down to personal preference: Do you need a big fryer for large parties, or a smaller one for one-person meals? An option with sleek digital displays and predetermined settings for frying fish, chicken, and fries, or a more traditional analog fryer with temperature and timing knobs? There are also deep fryers that fit numerous baskets, compact options that are easy to store, and of course, luxury versus budget picks. 

We've balanced all of these considerations and scoured thousands of reviews from real customers, so no matter what you're looking for, you'll have no trouble finding the right fit from our list of the best deep fryers. Keep reading to find your match. 

Best for Easy Cleanup: De'Longhi Livenza Easy Clean Deep Fryer

Just as its name would suggest, De'Longhi's deep fryer is a great option for easy cleanup. Not only does it have a removable oil container, but it also comes with a pour spout that's perfect for discarding leftover oil into a can or bottle to reuse later. The deep fryer comes in numerous parts, so you can easily wash or wipe it down, and most are even dishwasher-safe. Shoppers who have used the Livenza fryer say that food absorbs very little oil during the cooking process, so the results are lighter but still delicious. "This fryer does a great job and is easy to clean when you are finished cooking and the oil has cooled," said a reviewer. "I love the drain valve and the drain filter for reusing oil… The internal temperature sensor does a good job at maintaining cooking temps and it cooks food fast. Another bonus is once you are finished the handle on the basked folds up and along with the power cord easily stores inside the fryer when not in use."

To buy: $160;

Best for Preventing Burns: DeLonghi Roto Deep Fryer

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Another solid option from De'Longhi, this deep fryer comes with exterior walls that stay cool even while the appliance is in use. But that's not even this round deep fryer's best feature. Named for its special tilt-basket rotating system, the Roto ensures your food absorbs minimal oil, which cuts down on how much you have to use in the first place. It also comes with an anti-odor filter and the brand's signature easy-clean pour spout. "I have always been intimidated by deep fat fryers so I've used a fry pan," said a reviewer, who used the Roto for chicken strips. "Normally these strips will soil several paper towels, but today the strips maybe had one or two tiny drops on one layer. Chicken was light and crispy. I'm delighted." 

To buy: $100;

Best for Small Portions: T-fal Stainless Steel Mini Deep Fryer 

This mini fryer might be limited in size, but it's certainly not limited when it comes to capabilities. The best option for one-serving meals or small portions, T-fal's stainless steel deep fryer is no bigger than a 3-quart Instant Pot. It has a one-touch opening that safely pops open the lid, along with a viewing window so that you can keep tabs on how your food is coming along. What's more, it's equipped with indicator lights that tell you when the oil is hot enough to start cooking, along with a smart, understated safety feature: Its magnetic cord easily breaks away, so you won't have to worry about tipping the entire fryer over if you accidentally snag the cord. T-fal's mini fryer currently has five-star ratings from more than 1,400 customers. One shopper wrote that it "takes up about as much space as my 8-cup coffee maker and has a nice look. It is lightweight and easy to move around as needed. The splash stop lid is great to keep the oil dots off the counter and walls. It heated the oil up very quickly and actually held quite a bit of food in the basket. Great for a single person or small family."

To buy: $39;   

Best Budget Buy: Chefman Single Basket 19-Cup Jumbo Size Stainless Steel Dual Deep Fryer

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For just $70, you'll be able to grab Chefman's huge stainless steel deep fryer. Its 19-cup capacity is so massive, you can easily cook up a feast for a game-day party or a big family gathering. The 1700-watt Chefman deep fryer heats up quickly and even includes a charcoal filter to reduce odors and a viewing window to check on your food. Both the basket and the oil container can be tossed in the dishwasher, and reviewers say the machine is more than worth its price tag. "This Chefman deep fryer has me saving money," said a reviewer. "I get that same restaurant taste I enjoy, right in the comfort of my home… This deep fryer does take up counter space, but it's totally worth it."

To buy: $70;

Best No-Fuss Fryer: Krups Electric Deep Fryer

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If you want something that's as simple as pushing a button, Krups' Electric Deep Fryer is the one for you. With four programmed settings designed for commonly fried foods (French fries, onion rings, donuts, and chicken), the Krups deep fryer is ideal for the busy home cook who doesn't have time to play around. That doesn't mean this deep fryer isn't versatile, though. On the contrary, the Krups deep fryer can be manually set using its knob, and it even includes three baskets (one large, two small) to fry multiple dishes at once. A shopper said it's their "favorite kitchen tool," adding, "We have used it a lot already and it's made frying so simple and delicious… everything comes out perfectly cooked and full of delicious flavor." 

To buy: $100 (originally $120); 

Best Large Fryer: Hamilton Beach Triple Basket Professional-Style Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach's 4.5-liter deep fryer isn't exactly ideal if your kitchen lacks storage space, but it is the best choice for frying up big portions for large families or dinner parties. It comes with three baskets: one 12-cup basket that fits perfectly in the fryer and two 6-cup baskets that can go in next to each other, which comes in handy when you want to cook two different foods at once. Like other good deep fryers, it comes with a viewing window on the lid and a removable oil container that makes cleanup easy. Plus, the oil tank, lid, and frying baskets are all dishwasher-safe, and the appliance comes with a magnetic break-away cord for added safety. "Wow do I ever love it," said a reviewer. "I do fried chicken, potatoes, beignets and other great foods. It's indispensable for deep frying."

To buy: $64 with coupon (originally $80);

Best Luxury Option: Breville Smart Fryer

Breville is the high-end brand behind some of the best juicers, espresso machines, and other kitchen appliances, so it's no surprise that it also makes a great deep fryer. Breville's Smart Fryer comes with one-touch programs for certain foods, including one for twice-fried fries (because honestly, the crispier, the better). You can also choose "fresh" or "frozen" functions and the Smart Fryer will automatically adjust its frying time and temperature accordingly. What's more, the high-tech appliance pushes heat upwards, creating a protective "cool zone" at the bottom of the fryer that traps food debris. Along with cutting down on cleaning time, this keeps the oil cleaner so that you can safely reuse it. A reviewer who claims to be a professional chef called it a ″great addition″ to their kitchen. It has "many pre-programmed settings or, you can go manual," they continued. "Compact, efficient and provides great results. I'm accustomed to commercial fryers and large volumes. The end results coming from this fryer are no different. Recovery time between batches is good as well. Perfect for home use."

To buy: $150;

Best Odorless Fryer: T-fal Odorless Deep Fryer 

While fried food may smell like heaven when you're hungry, the lingering odor of grease is much less enjoyable. T-fal's deep fryer is specially designed to avoid this problem with a unique activated charcoal filtration system that reduces odors by 74 percent, according to the brand. Along with a convenient anti-fog window on its lid so that you can easily see how your food is coming along, the fryer gives you the option to lower the basket into the hot oil with the lid already on to avoid potential splashes and burns. More than 700 shoppers have given the odor-free appliance a five-star rating, with many raving about how easy it is to clean. "We have had other deep fryers, but none have come close to the features and quality of the T-Fal deep fryer," wrote a reviewer. "It is easy to clean, easy to operate, fast to heat up; we like the safety magnetic electric cord connection, and the see through window, allowing us to see the progress of the frying, while keeping the oil from splattering. Definitely worth the price."

To buy: $100;

Best Dual Fryer: Presto Stainless Steel Dual Basket ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer

While most large fryers can be a hassle to store, Presto's dual fryer eliminates this problem with a space-saving design that allows you to store the frying baskets and heating conduit within the main compartment. The double-basket fryer can conveniently cook up to 5 pounds of food at once, and the stainless steel walls and dishwasher-safe frying baskets make cleanup a breeze. This handy appliance has earned nearly 4,800 reviews from customers who say it's a "must-have," a "nice large fryer," and the "best fryer for the price." A reviewer who has a home bakery called it a "great fryer," explaining, "I purchased this fryer for doughnuts. I needed something that was small and compact, that could be stored when not in use. At the same time it needs to be able to make 30 to 40 dozens of donuts in one day, per month. This fryer did the trick."

To buy: $60 (originally $100);