The 4 Best Box Graters of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Our favorites for shredding, grating, cauliflower-ricing, and more.

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Cuisipro 4-Sided Box Grater on a cutting board next to a freshly grated pile of cheese and a triangle of cheese

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Box graters are reliable and efficient tools for kitchen tasks like shredding cheese and zesting citrus, but there are infinite ways they can be used to simplify kitchen prep. Box graters easily break down sticks of cold butter for baking pastries and pie crusts, separate the skin from the soft insides of tomatoes, and shave ever-convertible zucchini into infinite shapes.

While an ideal box grater offers an array of uses, there are a few specs to consider when choosing the right one for your kitchen. If you plan on grating a lot of cheese for your family pizza nights, having a pull-out drawer attachment might be useful. Dishwasher safety might be a priority for your cleanup routine, or you might have a specific price range in mind.

Our test kitchen experts considered every factor, so you don't have to, aiming to answer essential questions like: How easy is it to clean? Does it have a non-slip base and a good handle grip? Does it feel sturdy, like it can withstand frequent use? Keep reading for the nitty-gritty of our box grater ratings.

Best Overall

Cuisipro 4-Sided Boxed Grater

Cuisipro 4-Sided Boxed Grater

Courtesy of Amazon

Pros: This box grater is so razor-sharp that it quickly conquered our tests.

Cons: It leans to the pricier side of the graters we tested and isn't dishwasher safe.

For cooks of any experience level looking to add a box grater to their kitchen, the Cuisipro 4-Sided Box Grater is the most functional grater we tested. It did incredibly well in all three tests, even zesting oranges easily (something many box graters struggle to do). Our testers noted that when grating hard cheese, the shreds were fine in texture and retained their distinct shape despite the pressure applied to the cheese during grating. Most zesters cannot do this instead of turning out pieces that stick together.

The Cuisipro isn't dishwasher safe, which isn't ideal, but it's effortless to clean by hand. The removable plate makes for a quick transfer of ingredients into a serving bowl or storage container. A ginger grater adds to its more standard features. Unlike some of the other graters we tested, the helpful silicone base is flush with the metal, which keeps it food-free food and even easier to wash. In addition, the rounded handle and extremely sharp blades make for little effort expended, even when shredding malleable soft cheeses. Overall, the Cuisipro 4-Sided Box Grater performed so well that it was the highest-rated box grater we tested.

Price at time of publish: $42

  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.75 x 10.5 inches
  • Size and feel: Sturdy, with a handle that's comfortable to hold
  • Dishwasher safe: Handwashing recommended

Best Multi-Purpose

Microplane Specialty Series 4-Sided Box Grater

Best Box Graters of 2022
Courtesy of Amazon

Pros: This grater creates ultra-consistent shaving sizes and is remarkably easy to clean.

Cons: It's the most expensive box grater we assessed.

The Microplane Specialty Series 4-Sided Box Grater is a guaranteed way to get more bang for your buck. Extremely versatile, our test kitchen repeatedly notes how easy it was to use in all tests. It proved sharp enough to shred identically sized pieces from hard and soft cheeses. It also had an effective fine grater, which zested with ease, something many tested graters could not do.

The feet and handle on this grater uniquely stabilize it and make it comfortable to use. It's dishwasher safe, which we love, but it's also easy to clean by hand. The grater's ribbon-blade side is removable, making for a simpler and safer hand-washing process.

Truly a chameleon, the Microplane Specialty Series 4-Sided Box Grater is perfect for casual home cooks who won't faint at the price and are looking for a one-size-fits-all grater that is uncomplicated to clean. It will also serve a more advanced cook as a multipurpose addition to the kitchen.

Price at time of publish: $46

  • Dimensions: 10.25 x 5.12 x 3.12 inches
  • Size and feel: Very sturdy without being overly bulky
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes

Best Large

Spring Chef Professional Box Grater

Spring Chef Professional Box Grater

Courtesy of Amazon

Pros: This grater was comfortable to use and easy to clean.

Cons: Its light weight concerned our testers; it might not have great longevity.

Finding a solid and capable large box grater can be difficult. They can be handy, with greater surface area making completing the task at hand easier. That said, a grater that's overly bulky or heavy can be difficult to store, clean, and use. The Spring Chef Professional Box Grater is ultra-lightweight despite its size, which makes at least one of those pain points less of an issue: effortless cleaning.

On both cheese tests, the Spring Chef gave us largely uniform shavings. It didn't do well with zesting, but we feel it produces decent results for most uses. Our testers did like that the removable base is nonslip, keeping the grater stable and comfortable to use. It's also dishwasher safe.

While this grater didn't feel flimsy, the lighter weight concerned our testers that it might not last as long as a simple kitchen tool should. But at such a low price, we feel like it's still a value.

Price at time of publish: $25

  • Dimensions: 9.88 x 5.59 x 5 inches
  • Size and feel: Lighter weight despite being a larger grater
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
best cheese grater

Fran Sales

Best With Storage

KitchenAid Gourmet 4-Sided Stainless Steel Box Grater With Detachable Storage Container

KitchenAid Box Grater with Storage Container


Pros: The storage feature on this grater is handy and well-designed; the entire thing is dishwasher safe.

Cons: Not useful for tasks like zesting citrus.

Our test kitchen loved the design of the KitchenAid Gourmet Stainless Steel Box Grater with Detachable Storage Container enough that we wanted to purchase it for ourselves. The storage container holds 3 cups and comes with a lid and capacity markings. Who isn't a fan of low-maintenance measuring?

This grater's surprisingly large surface area made quick and painless work in both of our cheese tests. The blades proved sharp enough to get the job done, and the non-slip base and ergonomic handle made doing so easy. As with many others, this box grater came up short in more delicate tasks like zesting citrus, but not enough to change our opinion. At such a low price, this grater feels like a fantastic deal, particularly with such useful accessories.

Price at time of publish: $31

  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 6.5 x 10.3 inches
  • Size and feel: Large and solid without being heavy
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
KitchenAid Gourmet Stainless Steel Box Grater with Detachable Storage Container

Real Simple / Taysha Murtaugh

Our Favorite

After all of our testing and deliberation, the answer is obvious: the Cuisipro 4-Sided Box Grater has the versatility, durability, and comfortability to be our best overall box grater. Our testers feel it's easy to clean, and all four sides are sharp enough to make any grating, shredding, or zesting effortless. For any level of cooking experience, this box grater will last while making your ingredient prep a breeze.

The Tests

To accurately assess the performance capabilities of each box grater, our testers began by shredding and grating hard cheese. The texture, uniformity, and ease of use when breaking down 4 ounces of cheese like Parmesan gives us some idea of how difficult it will be to prep a large quantity of denser ingredients. Next, we moved on to soft cheeses. Grating a soft cheese like mozzarella can be tricky; the grater must be sharp enough to produce uniform shreds but not so sharp that it's a hazard for your fingers when you get down to the heel of the cheese. If the blades on the grater are too far apart, grating something like soft cheese requires a significant amount of physical effort. This is also a test in which we consider the tool's longevity. If there's concern that the blades might dull quickly, foods like soft cheese will be difficult to deal with.

Finally,to get into the versatility of each box grater, our testers zested oranges. Zesters are a traditional option for getting that powder-fine texture from the citrus rind, but getting the job done with a box grater can be a significant bonus. This requires the right blade, which not all box graters have. After each test, our team rated the box graters on performance, ease of cleaning, ease of use, and value.

Factors to Consider

Ease of Use/Comfort

Box graters are one of the workhorses of your kitchen. So, choosing one that is easy and comfortable to use is very important. Especially if you do a lot of grating, finding one that lets you achieve those fluffy piles without cramping or grating your fingers will be ideal. A sturdy base with some sort of grip will keep the grater secure on your surfaces, and a solid handle to give maximum control will ensure safety during use.


Cheese is a messy ingredient; it can be sticky and pasty and get into cracks and crevices. A box grater that is easy to clean will be your best investment. Dishwasher-safe versions are obviously the best choice, but if the style you prefer is not dishwasher safe, it should either be a one-piece unit where all areas are easily accessible with a cleaning brush or sponge or if it has removable blades, they should pop in and out easily.

Shred Size

A box grater can have blades on two, three, or four sides. Usually, two-sided graters will give you small and large shreds. Three-sided might add a fine grating option for hard cheeses like parmesan. And a fourth-sided version will either add a medium-sized shred or a blade for thin slices. Choose the style that best fits your cooking practice.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the four sides of a box grater used for?

    Food blogger Sapna Dalal loves the versatility of a four-sided box grater. "The four sides of a box grater include large grating, small grating, slicing, and zesting (very fine grating)," she says. This makes it a particularly useful tool for all sorts of applications, from grating cheese to shredding or slicing vegetables to zesting citrus.

  • How do you clean a box grater?

    "I prefer to use a brush for cleaning box graters," says Dalal. This removes the bulk of the cheese that might get gunked up in the little blades. The brush also keeps your hands away from the sharp blades on the exterior and allows you to fully get inside the gadget to clean. If the grater is dishwasher safe, it is still best to use a brush to remove cheese bits before running it through the machine.

  • Can you sharpen a box grater?

    "Yes! You can use multi-purpose sandpaper to sharpen a box grater."

What Didn't Make the List

Strong Contenders

  • Zwilling Z-Cut Tower/Box Grater ($40 at Zwilling)
  • Utopia Cheese Grater and Shredder 6-Sided Box Grater ($20 at Amazon)

Results Still Simmering

  • Cuisinart Boxed Grater ($15 at Amazon)

Low Performers

  • OXO Etched Box Grater ($33 at Amazon)
  • OXO Good Grips Multi Grater ($15 at Amazon)

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