It’s sure to be the apple of your eye.
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Johnny Apple Peeler
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

For instant cozy fall vibes, you’ll want an apple pie. Between the warming spices and golden buttery crust, it’s a perfect way to welcome the season’s crisp, shorter days. And the absolute best apple pies start with fresh, in-season (maybe even hand-picked!) apples.

It’s one thing to peel and an apple or two — but when you’re working through pounds of fruit, you need a little more power. Enter, the Johnny Apple Peeler by Victorio, a machine that Amazon shoppers can’t stop raving about.

Johnny Apple Peeler
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: $21 (originally $27);

Made with a sturdy enamel-coated cast iron body and sharp stainless steel blades, the tool peels, cores, and slices fruit in a flash. It features two blades that are covered by a five-year warranty, another that cores and slices fruit into quarter-inch pieces, and an adjustable peeler. Users can even peel, core, and slice all at once.

The machine ranks as Amazon’s Choice for apple peelers, with over 2,500 customers rating it five stars. Users love how durable and versatile the peeler is, as well as how easy and fast it is to set up.

“The peeler took less than five minutes to assemble — screw on the fork and handle, and adjust the parts using the easy-to-follow instructions,” one shopper writes. “Simply pop an apple on the fork and turn the handle. In a few seconds the apple was simultaneously peeled, cored, and sliced. I was able to fully prep about five dozen apples (some irregularly shaped) in about 45 minutes!”

Other reviewers echo how much time the peeler saves them, saying it shaves hours of peeling down to mere minutes.

“I've never been good or fast at the peeling and coring bit,” says another user. “Slicing? Oh yes, but the other parts slowed me down! It easily took me three or four hours to make just two pies before... not including bake time. This wondrous piece of cast iron cuts my time down to literally 15 minutes for processing just the apples, the dough takes another ten, and now maybe it takes an hour and a half to two hours to make an apple pie from start to finish! It's magical.”

It also features a strong suction base, which customers say is much better than peelers with clamp-on designs.

“The suction cup works PERFECTLY and holds it right in place with no movement at all,” raves one reviewer. “Even better: I have little kitchen storage space, and the suction cup allows me to store it ON THE BOTTOM OF MY CABINET! (or any other flat surface!)”

The peeler typically retails for $27 but right now is 23 percent off. And with apple (pie-making) season around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pick a Johnny Apple Peeler of your own.