This Beeswax Wrap Has Over 5,200 Five-Star Ratings, and Shoppers Say It Works 'Better Than Plastic Wrap'

Ditch your plastic wrap forever. 

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Bee's Wrap
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Having a fully stocked refrigerator with produce, leftovers, prepped meals, snacks, and cheeses is key when summer dwindles down and busy routines start to pick back up. But bulky food storage containers, while useful, can take up so much real-estate on your shelves and drawers. That's where plastic wrap comes in.

We can admit it — cling wrap is incredibly helpful thanks to its moldable, safe-saving ease. But plastic wrap is single-use, meaning once you've wrapped an item with it, it's meant to be thrown away after. And when you're looking to reduce your kitchen waste, innovative alternatives like the Bee's Wrap 3-Piece Reusable Food Storage Wraps can go a long way.

Instead of a base made from plastic or silicone, they're made from organic cotton, sustainably sourced beeswax, organic plant oils, and tree resin. This gives the wraps a unique sturdy, yet pliable texture. And with over 5,200 five-star ratings, you'll surely want to snap up this popular product that's made right in Vermont.

Bees Wax Wrap
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To buy: Bee's Wrap 3-Piece Reusable Food Storage Wraps, $15 (originally $19) at

The set — just $15 on Amazon right now, depending on the color you choose — comes in three different sizes to fit a variety of items, plus they're washable and reusable. This reduces your plastic use, but another notable perk is that it keeps you from needing to buy plastic over and over again.

Use the small wrap for fruits and vegetables, the medium wrap for sandwiches, small bowls or jars, and the large wrap for loaves of bread, heads of lettuce, or pie dishes. A set of these will last a year, just be sure to avoid hot water when cleaning to preserve the wax and let them air dry well, the brand says. You'll also want to keep it away from any hot rooms or cars, too. Since you can't use hot water to clean the wrap, it's best to avoid any products with a high risk of bacteria, like raw meat or fish.

To use Bee's Wraps, you simply place or wrap it around the item of choice, and use the warmth of your hand to create a seal. Once cooled down, the wax will harden back up without budging until you need to wash and use it for the next thing. "They're super easy to manipulate to form a seal and are also a breeze to clean," one reviewer wrote.

Shoppers are also saying it's better than plastic wrap, replacing it and plastic baggies completely. "I ordered these wraps and I vow to never buy plastic wrap or plastic to go stuff ever again," a user said, adding that they can't live without them and recommend them to everyone.

So, if you're looking for a reliable way to reduce single-use plastic in your kitchen or save a few dollars at the grocery store, you'll want to grab the Bee's Wax 3-Piece Reusable Food Storage Wraps on Amazon right now.

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