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I Love My Professional-Grade Blender, but This Is My New Favorite Tool for Smoothies

It’s sleek, strong and affordable.
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There's no doubt that the industry standard for professional-grade blenders is the legendary Vitamix. With good reason–Vitamix offers durable, high quality blenders that stand up to even the most difficult blending tasks with ease (hello, avocado mousse!) As a professional chef I'm a Vitamix loyalist, and I use mine to blend everything from a batch of margaritas to delightfully chunky romesco sauce. 

The thing is, when it comes to my daily smoothie prep, I've started cheating on my standard blender with a sleeker, more affordable option. I recently stumbled across the aptly named Beast Blender and its utility and good looks have earned it a dedicated spot on my countertop ever since. This personal blender is powerful, yet surprisingly quiet. It's easy to clean, easy to use, and looks tasteful sitting on my countertop all day. If you've been searching for a personal blender that's thoughtfully designed, conveniently compact, and affordably-priced, you're going to want to take this blender for a spin

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The Beast blender system is a small, streamlined personal blender that is ideal for quickly blending smoothies, shakes, sauces, and soups. It comes equipped with a large and a small blending vessel, with the option to purchase an additional medium unit separately. The blending vessels are conveniently designed to lock into the small, simplified base that uses one control button—just hold to blend and tap to pulse. Each blending cup comes with a drinking lid and carry cap so after your smoothie is ready, you can screw on the appropriate cap and take it on-the-go. I love that I can sip directly out of the container I blended it in, which cuts down on both prep time and dishwashing time. 

The Beast machine is incredibly efficient. Everytime I hit the button, I'm surprised at how quiet this blender is compared to others I've tried. Each vessel was designed with a ribbed exterior to decrease vibration, and the machine internally monitors blade speed to maintain torque and minimize overheating. Despite how quiet it is, it effortlessly blends ice cubes and leafy greens quickly. All the components of the blender are top rack dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Plus–it looks great in my kitchen. Ever since I got it, not one person has walked into my kitchen without exclaiming "What is that!?"

One thing to keep in mind: because the blade screws on to the blending vessel and locks into the base, there is no way to add ingredients after you've started blending. With my regular blender, I'm able to add a splash of almond milk or a few extra berries mid-blend—not so with this. The closed top also isn't ideal for making emulsified sauces–like mayonnaise–or adding a steady stream of olive oil to my pesto. If you make sauces often or adjust recipes as you go, this may not be the option for you. However, if you're someone that sticks to your tried and true smoothie recipes or wants to mix up a quick pico de gallo, it's a sturdy, durable, and efficient option.

Of course I still love my full-size blender. Owning it is like a culinary badge of honor that I wear with pride, but it's nice to have a more approachable option, too. If your kitchen is tight on counter space or storage space, or if you're not ready to invest in a more expensive blender, this option from Beast is a win-win.