Protect Your Kitchen Cabinets from Leaks with This Silicone Liner That Amazon Shoppers Call 'a Life-Saver'

Even a small amount of water can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

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BASIN Under Sink Mat for Kitchen Waterproof
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Your kitchen cabinets are likely one of those places you don't worry about too much. They're a safe home for your cookware, dinnerware, and pantry goods that rarely need anything more than a quick clean. But there is one cabinet that deserves a little more TLC — the space under your sink.

Even a small leak can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage, so it's important to protect your cabinets before it's too late. Luckily, Amazon shoppers found a solution with this sturdy liner that prevents water from seeping into their storage spaces, and you can grab it for up to 25% off right now.

BASIN Under Sink Mat for Kitchen Waterproof
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Basin Under-Sink Liner, $45 (originally $60) at

The Basin Under-Sink Liner is a leakproof silicone tray that holds onto up to two gallons of water, which gives you precious time to find a plumber. It comes in two sizes to fit most cabinet sink bases — one for 30-inch bases and another for 36-inch bases — and its flexible material makes it easy to insert into spaces with dividers. And unlike hard plastic mats, the Basin liner won't warp, and you can fold down its lip for fuss-free draining.

Saving your kitchen cabinets from water damage is a major reason to get this tray, but it's also handy for catching any spills from cleaning supplies you keep under the sink. Just wipe down its slick surface and place it back at the base of your cabinet.

With over 2,000 five-star ratings, shoppers call it an "absolute must-buy" that can be installed in less than a minute. One wrote, "I can't tell you how many cabinets we have found damaged from water leaks that were so slow we didn't even notice them. This fits my under sink cabinet floor perfectly. No trimming, and it is flexible silicone that comes folded but lies perfectly flat as soon as you install it."

Another reviewer called it a "life-saver for under your sink," pointing out that it catches drips from garbage disposals very efficiently. And when it comes to its size, a user explained that it's "heavy-duty and fits perfectly," adding that it unrolls and rolls easily to contain spills.

The largest Basin Under-Sink Liner normally costs $60, but right now you can get it for just $45. It's a small investment considering how much repairing kitchen cabinets costs, so don't hesitate to add to your Amazon cart now.

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