Star Wars Instant Pots Are Back With a New Baby Yoda Version

And it’s as cute as you’d think.
By Nina Huang
November 10, 2020
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The world is clearly not over Baby Yoda. A year after his debut (and a few weeks after he returned to Disney+), the hit character from The Mandalorian continues to steal hearts left and right. His adorableness has inspired countless products, from teas to mugs, and now even the Instant Brand has created a dedicated Baby Yoda-themed Instant Pot for Williams Sonoma. Spoiler: It’s just as adorable as "The Child" himself.  

The Baby Yoda Instant Pot is the latest from a line of Star Wars-themed appliances launched by the brand last year. The Star Wars Instant Pots sold like hot cakes across Williams Sonoma and featured characters from the main movie franchise—but this is the first Mandalorian-themed Instant Pot.

Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

To buy: $100;

While the Baby Yoda Instant Pot marks Instant Brands’ first non-Skywalker Saga product, it’s not the only new Child-themed item released at Williams Sonoma for the holiday season. Shoppers can also get a Baby Yoda-themed stoneware mug and a set of ice molds that make ice globes shaped like The Child in his crib. And fans of the whole franchise can get new Star Wars-themed aprons as well as a gift crate that comes with a Darth Vader apron, a Darth Vader spatula, pancake molds, and a boxed cookie kit for baking Star Wars-themed cookies. 

Like other Instant Pots, the 6-quart Baby Yoda edition includes smart program settings for making stews, slow-cooked recipes, yogurt, rice, and more. Shoppers can also access over a thousand Instant Pot recipes with its accompanying smartphone app, which is bound to come in handy for the holiday season. Since earlier Star Wars Instant Pots sold out in the blink of an eye, we expect this Baby Yoda version to be a fan-favorite, too. 

Grab yours before it’s too late, and shop more Star Wars-themed products at Williams Sonoma below.

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