Chef Michael Symon Calls This Bench Scraper the 'Greatest' Kitchen Tool—and It Costs Less Than $4

 “I buy these by the dozen and give them to friends.”

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Chef Michael Symon; Ateco Bench Scraper
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If you're as big a fan of chef Michael Symon as I am, then you might have noticed one tool that's always sitting on his cutting board during his latest cooking show "Symon's Dinners." That's because Symon considers the tool an essential part of his kitchen arsenal. "There's a couple [of] things in the kitchen that I can't live without," he explained during an episode. "I've been collecting kitchen stuff [and] been cooking professionally for over 30 years, so I've acquired a lot of things. A good chef's knife, a bench scraper, a good wooden spoon, and a microplane, and I'm off to the races."

Viewers asked Symon about the tool so often that he took to Twitter to let us know the exact model he uses—and it's less than $4 on Amazon. "This is the bench scraper I use," he said. "I don't love the fancier ones, personally. I buy these by the dozen and give them to friends. [It's the] greatest and cheapest kitchen tool."

While the exact bench scraper is low in stock on Amazon, we found a very similar one by the same brand. The Ateco Bench Scraper is made of flexible plastic so it can easily slide underneath food. One side features a rounded edge, while the opposite one is flat. Symon utilizes the flat edge of the tool most frequently while he's prepping: he uses it to transfer food from his cutting board to a nearby pan, or while he's cleaning away scraps. Occasionally, Symon uses the rounded edge, which conforms easily to the curves of a mixing bowl to scrape out salad dressings and batters.

Ateco Scraper, Pack of 2, White
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To buy: Ateco Bench Scraper, Set of Two, $4 at

Over 1,000 Amazon shoppers like using the multi-tasking tool for a variety of baking purposes, too, such as kneading bread, cutting brownies, and transferring doughs to counters. They also found that it was "easy to clean and handle" while being "strong but flexible at the same time."

Channel Michael Symon and shop the Ateco Bench Scraper on Amazon. Or follow his lead by getting the six-pack, so you can keep a few in your kitchen and gift the rest to friends and family this holiday season—so that they too can cook like the celebrity chef.

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