This Single-Serve Rice Cooker Is a Busy Student Essential, and You Can Score It for $16

Perfectly cooked grains at the touch of a button

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Aroma Housewares Rice & Grain Cooker
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Rice is a staple in so many different cuisines, but it can be hard to get right on the stovetop — especially if you're short on time or have to share a space with others. That's why rice cookers are a student or apartment dweller's best friend. With just the touch of a button, you can have perfectly cooked rice without having to think about it. The downside? Some rice cookers can be bulky, which isn't great when you've got limited counterspace. That's why the Aroma Housewares 1-Quart Rice Cooker is the perfect option, plus it's on sale at Amazon right now up to 36% off.

The Aroma 1-Quart Rice Cooker is the perfect size for a small space, since it's just 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide. It makes 2 to 4 cups of any variety of rice, which is perfect if you're just using the cooker for yourself.

The cooker comes in white — on sale for $16 right now — but also fun colors like pink, or blue, which are also discounted on Amazon. It's designed with a simple one-touch button that generates continuous heat to cook rice, oats, grains. You simply add rinsed rice, liquid, cover, hit the button, and allow it to cook. There are even measurement guides to let you know how much rice and liquid you'll need, and once the process is completed, the machine automatically switches to warming mode to keep your rice hot and fluffy without the need for you to stir it.

Aroma Housewares Rice & Grain Cooker
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Aroma Housewares 1-Quart Rice Cooker, $16 (originally $25) at

The rice cooker has a removable nonstick pot, making it easy to clean, and its glass lid is also convenient for checking on your grains while they're cooking. It also comes with a measuring cup and a spatula, so you don't need any extra equipment.

Hundreds of users rave over its small size and easy-to-use design. One said, "I have a larger Aroma Rice Cooker, but I tend to have a lot of wasted rice because it's so big. This one is such a small footprint and makes the perfect amount of rice."

"So easy, and I love that I can just set the cooker and come back to perfect rice," another reviewer added. Many also note how it makes the perfect amount of rice for someone in a dorm, small apartment, or cooking for just one to two people. "This pot is the perfect size for apartment or condo living. Must buy for your college kid or single adult," a shopper wrote. If you're heading off to college or live in a small space, the Aroma Housewares 1-Quart Rice Cooker is a space- and time-saving essential. Snap it up now on Amazon while it's on sale for up to 36% off.

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