This Best-Selling Apple Peeler Is Perfect for Fall Baking

It can handle peeling potatoes, too.
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As the sun gets lower and the temperatures start to fall, it feels like a signal to head to the orchards for Honeycrisps, Galas, and Granny Smiths and more glorious early fall produce. While we love snacking on those pristine apples, we tend to leave the farm with more fruit than we could ever consume. Luckily, baking is the perfect way to use up those apples, late-season peaches, and even ripe tomatoes. The most key tool for doing so? A quality apple peeler.

Spiralizer's Apple Peeler is a customer favorite for a reason. It's affordable (even more so right now, on sale for $22) but made of quality materials, scoring thousands of five-star reviews. It peels and cores all types of apples, pears, onions, and potatoes (hello, Thanksgiving sides). It also has an adjustable peeling depth to handle more delicate produce like tomatoes.

Spiralizer's Apple Peeler, $22 (originally $35) at

Reviewers love the peeler's speed and ease, processing "hundreds of pounds" of apples in just a few days. "It's apple season... and my hands are tired from peeling apples with a paring knife!" one customer notes. "So, I ordered this product because my friend had one and raved about it! It arrived quickly and I continued peeling, coring & slicing apples in RECORD TIME!"

"Super easy to use!" notes another shopper, "The slices are uniform and the whole apple just slides off. I set the peeled, spiraled apple on the cutting board, cut it into 6ths and tossed it in the bowl. This would be great for making apple pie filling or anything where uniformly sliced apples are desirable."

apple peeler
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Made from ultra-strong die-cast magnesium, the parts on this tool won't warp or deteriorate, meaning you can use it year after year. The winding rod is rust-proof, and the rubber vacuum base latches onto tables and countertops for excellent stability while peeling. 

Usually, the peeler costs $35, but you can grab it on sale right now for just $22. Order while it's in stock, before the masses descend on apple orchards everywhere.

Spiralizer Apple Peeler, $22 (originally $35) at