What sets Tilit's custom Missy Robbins apron apart.

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Missy Robbins isn't your typical designer, but she's just launched a new apron aimed at home cooks and pros alike. As executive chef of A Voce Madison and A Voce Columbus in New York, her skills earned both restaurants Michelin stars before deciding to take a year off. Her first cookbook, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner… Life!: Recipes and Adventures from My Home Kitchen, bears the fruits of that time, sharing the new world of cooking she discovered both in her tiny West Village kitchen, and travels around the world.

Today, Robbins is once again making her renowned pasta at her Brooklyn restaurant Lilia, but she's trying other fields too. In conjunction with the book, Robbins has collaborated with designer Alex McCrery of chef and hospitality wear company Tilit to create her own, signature Missy Apron. Available as part of a bundle with the book, or on its own for $95, here's what makes the custom apron worthy of her name.

1. It's light, but strong.

Because she cooks around a hot open fire, McCrery told us, Robbins prefers a thinner apron. "She gave us the idea of doing a lighter weight fabric, which was something we hadn't done much of," McCrery told us.

2. It provides convenient storage.

"I definitely had a strong idea of what I wanted," Robbins says of her preference for a more closed apron back, which led to the idea of a back pocket.

3. It's built to last.

"Missy wanted some leather details in the waist straps, so we found a unique way to hit the style point, but keep it functional," McCrery says of the decision to make the solid leather straps removable, so the apron is easy to wash.

4. Uniting form and function.

McCrery is a former restaurant chef who co-founded Tilit with his wife, Jenny Goodman, because people "weren't making chefware from a chef's perspective." The two are Robbins' neighbors, and the collaboration was an organic chance to bring friends and family together.

5. It Reflects Robbins' Unique Style

"I like very clean stuff," says Robbins, who wanted the black and white apron to reflect both the design of the book and her "clean and sleek" kitchen. It's the rare apron that, as Goodman puts it, is "chic as hell."

Purchase the Missy Apron here.