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Top-Rated Spice Rack Ideas at Amazon Start at $14 and Can Instantly Upgrade Your Pantry

Save space in your kitchen and keep your spices organized long-term.
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Most people store their spices in a cabinet — which usually means the entire shelf is taken up by bottles that are hard to see and even harder to reach. The best spice rack ideas are a little more creative. With the right tools, you can instead stash your entire spice collection in a drawer, on the side of the fridge, or securely above the stove. (And, if you're set on the idea of a spice cabinet, you can still optimize it with pull-out drawers, adhesive clips, and tiered organizers.) That way, you're making the most out of your storage space, and you can see and access all of your spices at once.

While reorganizing your spice collection might sound like a huge undertaking, it doesn't have to be. Amazon has all of the accessories you'll need to turn your dream spice rack idea into a reality, and some of them cost as little as $14. Keep reading to check out six reviewer-favorite options. 

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Lynk Professional Spice Rack Tray, Medium

$20 (was $30) at Amazon

With this horizontal spice rack tray, it's a wonder everyone doesn't keep their spices in a drawer. It's made from heavy-gauge steel and has four tiers that display up to 24 standard-size jars on an angle, so you can see and grab all of them. (You can also opt for the large or the expandable trays.) "This is such a simple concept but has transformed one area of my kitchen entirely," raved one of over 7,500 five-star reviewers. "Now an entire quarter of a section of cabinets is freed up for other stuff, and I have space to spare." 

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Milijia Four-Tier Magnetic Spice Shelf

$39 (was $42) at Amazon

Even if every last cabinet or drawer in your kitchen is filled to the brim, you can still create storage space where there was none prior — like on the side of your refrigerator. Thanks to this four-tier rack that installs with magnets and secures with adhesive strips and utility hooks, you can store up to 50 pounds of ingredients and accessories. Since the baskets are made from anti-rust chrome, they're sturdy and long-lasting.

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Holdin' Storage 4-Inch Pullout Spice Rack Organizer

$21 (was $31) at Amazon

Install this pullout organizer in your spice cabinet to make the most of the space. For one, it has two vertical tiers, so you can store twice the amount of spices in the same spot; for another, it slides out on smooth-rolling ball bearings, so you can grab a bottle at the very back without disrupting anything else. Get this one in three colors and four width options. 

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SimpleHouseware Gripper Clips Strips, 6 Strips

$14 at Amazon

These brilliant adhesive clips allow you to store up to 30 spices on the back of any cabinet door. Each strip holds five standard round containers (from 1.5 to 1.75 inches in diameter) and comes with the 3M LSE tape already applied. They're even a favorite among RV owners because they save space and prevent the spices from getting thrown about during travel.

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StoveShelf 30-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Shelf

$40 at Amazon

The shopper-loved StoveShelf has reviewers commenting things like, "This product is genius" and "I can't believe I waited so long to buy this!" Sold in lengths of 20, 24, and 30 inches, this shelf attaches to your stove using damage-free magnets and creates an elongated, secure home for your condiments and spices. The stainless steel construction will withstand rust and can be wiped clean with ease. 

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Spicy Shelf Deluxe Expandable Spice Rack, 2 Shelves

$28 at Amazon

With the Spicy Shelf Deluxe, you can store three tiers of spices (up to 64 bottles) around the perimeter of your cabinet, but the center is still freed up for visibility and putting away other things. What's more, the design is expandable for a custom fit, the shelves are lined with a non-slip rubber grip, and the improved construction can hold up to 40 pounds. So far, it's earned almost 20,000 ratings, and buyers also use it to organize medicine cabinets, pantries, and vanities.