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Grill Owners Swear by These Cleaners to Get Rid of Stains, Grease, and Grime in Seconds

“This stuff worked a miracle on my grill.”
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Grill season is upon us, and you're about to be spending a lot of time outdoors cooking. Backyard grilling certainly means less mess in the kitchen, but cleaning charred food off of your grates is its own challenge. Thankfully, we found best-selling grill cleaners from Amazon to save you from exhaustive scrubbing. 

With the help of a great brush, these cleaners use grease-cutting formulas to make your grill shine like new. Together, they have thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon, with shoppers confirming they remove burnt food, sticky grease, and other stains from grill grates in just seconds.

When it comes to choosing an A+ grill cleaner, you'll want to search for products formulated with ingredients that dissolve grease and burnt on bits from grill grates, have a comfortable trigger, and reduce time spent cleaning. These grill cleaners from brands like Traeger, Weber, Goo Gone and more help "get the job done quickly without a lot of scrubbing," according to users

Before you reach for the spatula this summer, scroll down to check out five popular grill cleaners Amazon shoppers love. Then pick out your favorite to make post-barbecue cleanup as effortless as possible.

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Traeger Grills All-Natural Cleaner

View at Amazon ($15)

This non-toxic grill cleaner uses a grease-cutting formula that removes stains from every surface of your grill, including the grates. Made with plant-based ingredients, the industrial-strength spray helped one reviewer remove two and a half years' worth of grime off their grill after the first cleaning. Another added that, after letting the formula sit on the grill grates for 10 minutes, the grease and charred food "wiped right off" of their grill with little effort. The 32-ounce bottle has a comfortable handle with grip that makes spraying easy, and can be secured to prevent leaks.

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Weber Grill Grate Cleaner

View at Amazon ($11)

While this powerful grill cleaner is specifically designed to remove charred food and grime on gas and charcoal grills, you can also use the 16-ounce spray bottle to clean smokers, ovens, and microwaves, too. It's also non-flammable and non-toxic if it gets on your skin. One Amazon shopper said it works "faster and better" at removing charred food from their outdoor barbecue than any other grill cleaners they've tried. 

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Parker & Bailey BBQ Grill Cleaner

View at Amazon ($13)

Some grill cleaners leave streaks or oily residue after you wipe them off, but this Parker and Bailey formula dries evenly for a sparkling grill. No wonder the 24-ounce spray bottle is Amazon's Choice for stainless steel barbecue cleaners. Made without phosphates, the versatile cleaner can be used on grill grates, grill tools, and drip pans. "I could not believe how well this worked," one reviewer said. "I have a pellet smoker grill and the grease and smoke just dissolves away." Another person said, "Our grill looked brand new after the first use."

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Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner

View at Amazon ($18)

Even if you've had food residue stuck on your grates for years, the Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner can remove it using its powerful foam. Bonus: Users say it doesn't have a harsh chemical smell like other sprays thanks to its fresh citrus extract. The "super-strength gel" is biodegradable and reduces smoke and flare-ups, all while removing caked-on food deposits, carbon, and grease. "This stuff worked a miracle on my grill," a reviewer said. "Cleanup after a weekend of grilling took a fraction of the time it normally took." You can use it on most grill surfaces, including cooking grates and metal racks—but avoid spraying it on faux stainless steel, the brand warns. 

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It Just Works Grill Cleaner

View at Amazon ($16)

For this cleaner, enzymes are the key ingredient to not only removing grease stains but also strong food odors from your grill. Free of phosphates, dyes, bleach, and harsh chemicals, this powerful grill cleaner uses plant-based ingredients to break down stubborn stains on any surface of your grill, including side burners. One reviewer said it "works really well, with a little effort" spent scrubbing. "The most important thing to me is that it's a natural cleaner and I can safely use the grill again immediately after wiping clean," they said.