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Zojirushi's Legendary Rice Cookers Have Never Been So Cheap

Shop the Amazon Prime Day deal for only 12 hours. 
By Nina Huang
October 14, 2020
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It may seem simple, but the perfect bowl of rice can be difficult to achieve. Too short on the burner, and you're left with crunchy, hard-to-swallow grains; too long on the stove, and you'll have a piece of burnt rice cake. Since rice is pretty much the ultimate blank canvas for any meal, it's important to invest in a cooker that produces utterly scrumptious bowls of rice every time. And any insider knows there's no brand better than Zojirushi

Trust me—having grown up in Taiwanese culture that celebrates rice (I mean, there are yearly competitions to find the best grain in the country), this pantry staple is what I ate for almost every meal when I was young. My mom's rice was fluffy, pillowy-soft, separated-by-the-grain bowls of perfection every time, and it was always made by a Zojirushi rice cooker. I've wanted one since I moved out, but its hefty price tags have made it hard for me to impulsively snag one. 

Not anymore, though. Zojirushi's appliances are finally on sale as part of Amazon Prime Day's massive kitchen deals. This year's kitchen appliance sales include rice cookers, coffee makers, and water dispensers from Zojirushi for their lowest prices ever. Right now, markdowns are as big as 45 percent off a 5.5-cup rice cooker and as much as $145 off a water boiler. 

zojirushi amazon prime day 2020
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To buy: $105 (originally $192); amazon.com

What makes Zojirushi rice cookers special is their ability to take on a wide variety of grains. You can use its presets according to the type of rice you're working with (white, brown, jasmine, sushi, mixed, and more) and even choose between levels of chewiness. They come with a keep-warm function so you can prepare rice way ahead of time; just give it a quick stir right after it's done to ensure you get perfectly oval individual grains. 

Those who are new to the Japanese brand should pick up the beginner-friendly Micom Rice Cookers, built with stainless steel. The 3-cup option is currently just $85, and the 5.5-cup version is just over $100—the lowest prices yet for both appliances! True connoisseurs who want an impeccable, professional-grade appliance can grab the stainless steel rice cookers with induction heating for 22% off

But the sale doesn't stop there: Even Zojirushi's water boilers and coffee makers are marked down. The luxe 5-liter energy-efficient VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer that uses vacuum insulation technology to keep water piping hot is going for $145 off, and the brand's 10-cup coffee maker is just $105. 

Deals are flying left and right this Amazon Prime Day, but one thing is for sure: Shoppers are snapping them up fast. Shop the Zojirushi sales below before they're gone. 

Zojirushi Rice Cooker Deals

zojirushi amazon prime day 2020
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Zojirushi Kitchen Appliance Deals

zojirushi amazon prime day 2020
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon