Your army of monkey butlers is finally being phased out by technology. Intel and its engineers took another slow step toward a Matrix-like, robo-controlled future as they unveiled Jimmy the Robot at the Code Conference in California this week. Jimmy sings, dances and perhaps most importantly, according to his creator Brian David Johnson, will serve you a beer whenever you ask. We would have thought beer butler skills would be one of the first things Intel would show off, but they seem to be slow playing their video release. Until then, you can watch Jimmy dance, walk and talk up above.

The plans to 3-Dprint your robot friend will be made available absolutelyfree, but you will still have to buy unprintable parts like batteries, motors and processors from a company called 21st Century Robot. Though kits will initially cost $16,000, Intel hopes prices will drop below $1,000 within five years.

The question does remain, though: why is Jimmy so intent to bring you that beer? Is he trying to lull you into a drunk sense of security so he can harvest your energy? Probably. Nothing this cute can possibly be destined for good.