A good Dutch oven, a Microplane and more home kitchen picks from this Denver chef.

By Max Bonem
Updated May 25, 2017

Paul Reilly, executive chef of Denver's Beast + Bottle, brings a simplicity and sophistication to comfort food that Denver residents can't get enough of. He shared his five kitchen essentials when he stopped by the F&W Test Kitchen this week to make his Homemade Breakfast Sausage Patties for his ultimate breakfast sandwich.

The pan he can’t live without:

"My favorite pot is a Dutch oven that belonged to my great grandmother," he says. "It’s carbon steel, so it’s super durable, gets super hot and holds heat really well. She used to make stews in it and now I use it to for braises or to make pasta sauces for my own family."

Credit: scbklyn/Getty Images

The kitchen utensil he swears by:

"I really love a good Microplane," he explains, "It’s good for the obvious stuff like to grate parm or citrus, but in a pinch you can use it in place of a knife even. If I was dropped on a desert island, that’s what I’d bring."

His favorite cookbook:

"The Flavor Bible is the cookbook that’s been on my nightstand for forever, beginning when I was a young cook and as I continued to work my way up as a chef," he says. "It’s been essential for how I’ve grown as a chef and for learning what, how and why flavors pair with one another."

What he always keeps stocked in his pantry:

For Reilly, he likes to keep staples on hand that can be for their versatility. "I always have onions handy because with them you can build the foundations of flavor for just about anything," he explains. "Also, both canned beans of all varieties and really good canned tomatoes, especially the fire roasted kind."

What he always has in the fridge:

"We always have plain yogurt in the fridge, which is great for a quick breakfast or snack, but also for a simple dressing or a marinade," he says. "Of course, cheese of some sort will always be in there too. Dijon mustard is also an addiction of mine and I always make sure to have some on hand."