By Noah Kaufman
Updated January 15, 2016
Credit: © Kristian Bell / Getty Images

The Internet is a black hole for strange, weird and wonderful things—especially when it comes to food. Rather than dive in yourself, let FWx do it for you. Here, five of the most absurd food items we saw this week.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bourbon

Do you fancy a stiff old-fashioned, but also want it to evoke your elementary school lunch room? Now you’re covered on both fronts thanks to peanut butter and jam–infused bourbon. Infused with raspberry syrup, every bottle also has a dash of Himalayan rock salt. It’s also sure to anger many bourbon purists out there, since it’s distilled in East London. [Foodiggity]

Turkey Is Emotional Support Animal on Plane

Here’s a turkey who didn’t meet an unfortunate end this Thanksgiving or Christmas. Instead he made it onto an international Delta flight. One poor passenger had to sit in front of the bird and snapped a picture of it looking ready to do something a bit worse than kick the seat. The strangest part is that, according to Delta, this is not an uncommon sight on their planes. A turkey named Easter was spotted on board just three weeks ago. [Daily News]


Here’s a hypothetical for you: It’s Friday night and you just matched with someone on Tinder for a late-night date. The only problem is your plate of wings just arrived during your predate stop at Chili’s. How can you be expected to meet someone new with wing fingers? What’s that you say? That’s ridiculously specific? Well, so are Wingerz—tiny disposable finger covers to prevent you from getting orange, spicy fingers when indulging in wings. That’s not all. According to the company, Wingerz will also “help prevent cuts from shellfish along with saving you from the long lasting smelly juices that no amount of washing can completely remove.” Wingerz, you had us at smelly juices. [Wingerz]

All Nacho Restaurant

What’s the biggest problem with most Mexican restaurants? Obviously that they crowd the menu with useless items that are not chips covered in cheese. At least that seems to be the thought of Zappo’s founder Nick Swinmurn, who just opened the Nachoria in Burlingame, California—the world’s first nacho-focused restaurant. Options abound on the customizable nachos from carnitas to ceviche to fire-roasted red peppers and house-made cheese sauce. It’s a stoner food lover’s dream come true. [Grub Street]

Supercomputer at Starbucks

We’ve all seen “that guy” at Starbucks. He stretches out with his laptop for hours on end at a table for four, typing away at his brilliant screenplay. And while the wannabe writer certainly hogs space at the coffee shop, he’s got nothing on the person spotted at an L.A. Starbucks this week.

The unnamed man seems to be working with a full sound-design setup. Who knows, maybe he’s doing the soundtrack for that brilliant screenplay. [Laist]