I Was Skeptical of This Buzzy Mood-Boosting Drink — and Then I Tried It

If I wasn’t so mellowed out, I’d be shocked.

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When it comes to food and beverages marketed as wellness products, I'm skeptical at best. For me, any "wellness" to be found in food and drink is whatever vitamins and nutrients happen to be included. In other words, I'm the sort of person who raises a very strong eyebrow toward anything that promises to be brain, mood, or mindset-altering.

That said, you can imagine my skepticism when I got my first four-pack of Kin Euphorics, the buzzy non-alcoholic beverage that promises to "ease stress, mellow the mood, and balance the effects of stress on the body." Surely, I thought to myself, this was just another iteration of wellness marketing gone wild. However, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to give it a try. To say I was surprised by the effects of the beverage on my overall mood is an understatement—if I hadn't been so mellowed out, I would have been downright shocked. When I learned that you can now shop for these peculiar elixirs on sale for the first time in ages, I knew I had to share.

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To buy: Kin Euphorics Combo Pack, $37.60 for eight cans, (originally $47) at kineuphorics.com

First, a little bit of background on what Kin Euphorics beverages actually are. They're very lightly carbonated, non-alcoholic, complex cocktail-type canned beverages. The flavor I tried is called Lightwave, a "smooth mix of lavender-vanilla, ginger, and birch." Kin Euphorics says the key to its concoctions is in harnessing the power of adaptogens, which "balance the effects of stress on the body," as well as nootropics that enhance cognition, and forest botanicals to please the palate. The drink also has reishi mushroom, saffron, L-tryptophan and passionflower.

Lightwave is one of those drinks that, at the first sip, you might think you don't like—that was my reaction, anyway. However, sip after sip, it grew on me. It really was like drinking a super light, well-balanced cocktail: refreshing, flavorful, and even a bit addictive.

By the end of my first can, I knew for sure I liked it; now all I had to do was wait and see if it actually had a calming effect. Like everyone else on planet earth, I've been relatively stressed out lately. My excitement of being able to actually see a life for myself post-pandemic—and sense of overwhelm at the idea of the world opening again—are causing a very particular type of anxiety in my brain, one that's equal parts overly-eager and suspiciously apprehensive.

I won't claim that Lightwave took me out of that headspace completely (and it should be noted that there isn't any medical science behind the mood-altering properties of this elixir), but about 30 minutes after I finished drinking it, I definitely felt calmer. The difference wasn't huge, but I noticed that the tension I was carrying seemed to lift a bit. I decided to have a second can, and while I'm not totally sure how to describe what happened next, I'll say this: I was vibing.

The noticeable, albeit subtle effects of the drink, along with the delicious flavor, are definitely enough to keep me coming back for more. If you're curious yourself, you're in luck. Right now, Kin Euphorics is offering 20% off on their Combo Pack, which includes both the "mood-boosting" Kin Spritz (which I have not tried, but claims to improve energy and clarity levels), and my beloved Lightwave, which will mellow even the harshest of skeptics out and bring them to a place of open-minded calm. Head to the Kin Euphorics website to shop the Combo Pack at 20% off right now, and trust: If I can be convinced, anyone can. At the very least, Kin Euphorics have figured out how to make a delicious non-boozy cocktail, perfect for sipping on during the chill summer you deserve.

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