The R&B star is just like us (except she can sing).

By Brianna Wippman
Updated May 24, 2017
Kelly Rowland
Credit: © Getty Images for Uncle Ben's

"Cooking and coming together as a family is such a great way to create memories," says singer Kelly Rowland. "For me, I associate memories with smell. There are certain foods, like my mother's mac and cheese, that when I smell, I can immediately feel that person's presence." The Destiny's Child alum recently partnered with the Uncle Ben's campaign to get kids cooking, which aims to bring families together through homemade meals. We caught up with Rowland to chat about her favorite cooking music and how she's planning to celebrate the holidays.

Sushi Obsession

I love sushi. When I met my husband he didn’t like sushi and I told him, “well that’s going to have to change.” Sure enough he loves it now! We do omakase at Sushi Park [in Los Angeles] for pretty much every date night.

Pleasing a Discerning Palate

My son Titan is almost two. He eats spinach like it’s going out of style, but he won’t touch fruit. I’ll make smoothies though, so I can sneak it in there.

My husband and I recently were eating truffle risotto and Titan loved it. He finished a big bowl—clearly he has an expensive palate.

New York Must-Visit

Every time I’m in New York I go to Miss Lily’s. The food is delicious and there’s something about the punch that I can’t resist—I usually leave stumbling a little but it’s so good.

Cooking Playlist

I love listening to jazz when I’m in the kitchen. I adore Robert Glasper and I’ve been listening to his album Black Radio a lot recently.

Weekend Ritual

Gouda is my absolute favorite cheese. I’ll eat it right out of the fridge, with fig jam or with anything. But I love having it with a margarita at 3:00 p.m. on a Saturday or Sunday. Always at 3:00 p.m.

Holiday Traditions

This past Thanksgiving I tried making my mother's sweet potato pie, but I totally failed. I had to try several times. I think the secret is that she uses bourbon. I got a little closer the second time, but there’s room for improvement.

I’d love to start a Christmas tradition with my family of making a gingerbread house a few days in advance. I’m a baker. I love cookies and would love to have the house filled with all different types of cookies—like a scene from a Christmas movie! I think it’s fun to have something to make each day leading up to Christmas, it gives kids something to look forward to as well.