By PureWow
Updated February 18, 2015
Photo Composite: © Jeff Wasserman / Alamy / © iStockphoto

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Kale: the Cara Delevingne of the produce aisle. It’s been hyped wayyy too much, but ultimately you can’t get enough.

So imagine our mixed feelings when we heard about a kale...manicure. It’s on the menu at the new Nails inc bar, a secret little spot tucked away on the fifth floor of Saks. And it’s the becoming the most popular manicure to get.

Here’s why: Topical nutrition just might be legit.

The manicurist started with a vitamin-E cuticle oil that kept our surrounding skin flake-free for four days. Next came a "superfood" base coat infused with aloe vera, ginseng and pomegranate, followed by a kale-enriched polish. Allegedly, the vitamins (A, C, E, F and H) seep into the nails to strengthen them and prevent splitting.

You’re already spending $30 for a gel mani to last that long. Might as well give kale its proper due. It's already in your salad, juice, stir-fry...