By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 23, 2014
Credit: © Sydney Alford / Alamy

In what can only be described as a shocking turn of events, it looks like Justin Bieber is trying to become the anti-Gerard Depardieu. Rumors are swirling that, in an attempt to get his singing career back on track, Justin Bieber has pledged to embrace a healthier lifestyle, including giving up booze. That will certainly make authorities in his adopted home of the United States happy since the teen sensation turned 20-year-old disaster is still over five months away from being able to legally drink alcohol in the first place.

Not that alcohol abstinence is common in America: Over half of high school seniors admit they’ve gotten full-on drunk at least once in their life. And not that Bieber has a history of abiding the law: Accusations include reckless driving and egg throwing and driving under the influence and driving on an expired license and resisting arrest and marijuana use and Xanax popping and assault and now I’m sick of reading TMZ’s Justin Bieber archive. But it’s a sad state of affairs when a 20-year-old has to quit an activity before even being technically allowed to try it.

According to an unnamed source, because what source associating with him would let themselves be named, Bieber “no longer drinks and has stopped eating junk food, too. He's had a difficult few months and is hoping that this will give him a fresh start.” Well, good for the Biebs. If you’re going to take the next step in being a Hollywood cliché, better the sober vegan cliché than the third time in rehab cliché.

Meanwhile, maybe Ariana Grande will have a drink with us. She turned 21 back in June. Who knew???